Being a Creator

Creativity is the direct home of God Source. It is only natural that we would feel at home in a creative place. I don’t mean you have to be a gifted artist or poet, but each of us is endowed with the ability to be creative. It is innate within us. Not only that, but it is necessary to our very lives.
There is a big difference between “ability to be creative” and “creative ability”. This difference is important to know because it is often times what prevents us from being creative. The ability to be creative simply means that we have the faculties to be able to produce creation either through speech, crafts, projects, construction, or imaging through our thoughts. “Creative ability” is human perception of creative skills that are extraordinary and noteworthy. It is this last definition that prevents us from spending valuable time with creation. The ego gets involved with this last definition and now creation, fun and imagination has turned into judgment and doubt over your “ability”. Thus, we literally cut off our own God Source energy, hindering ourselves from the powers creation brings.
It is not simply for joy that we create, it is that which brings into our lives the next things.
We CREATE everyday with our thoughts. We just don’t put conscious effort on what we are creating in our minds. This is huge for us because as we all know, what we pay attention to is where energy grows. Which garden do you want to be watering with your thoughts? One of negativity, or one that moves towards a wonderful life? Or at least, REALIZING the wonderful life you already have, ripe with opportunity.
But to put concentrated effort on creation, where we are engaging our physical functions, is also extremely important because it connects our soul consciously with our mind, and then creates it out into the world through our hands, mouths, or body. It is the very act of God.
We need to be in practice with this. Doing so will bring us out of the victim mentality because we will see,understand, and be in practice with the fact that we are indeed, very capable creators, and we are responsible for what we create. This has the power to take us out of depression and bring us more joy, ultimately leaving us with a sense of gratitude for the life we live.
It doesn’t matter if you are good or not, what matters is that you are engaged, that the spirit, mind and body are consciously connected during the creative process, and that you are enjoying yourself.
Don’t expect yourself to have extraordinary abillty. That act of judgment will take away any joy that could have come during the process.
Just by putting yourself into a creative space, you have actually raised your vibration than normal standards of living. That alone has enough power to elevate your mood, and to get you closer to light, which means the darkness fall away.

Happy creating!
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