Coffee Enemas - Herbal Medicines

Coffee Enemas - Herbal Medicines

Coffee enemas have been used for years for healing diseases of many kinds. They are thought to have originated with German Physicians in the 1900s. Research has shown enemas to be very effective in detoxifying the body, particularly the liver, cleansing the bowel, and relieving the body of undue toxic burden, thus promoting health. It is to be seen as a health promoting exercise. They were even recommended in the Merck medical handbook.

This article is not meant to substitute for medical advice by any means and does not say it is right for you. By reading this, you are understanding this is not a prescription for your care , nor a recommendation, merely an option to discuss with your health provider. This is a journal of the recipe and instructions I used for my own experience of health and healing.
In my opinion, coffee enemas are one of the best methods of keeping the body healthy. I believe in plant medicine and coffee is just another herb in which I use as what is given by God for our body’s use.
I used these repeatedly throughout my healing with Steroid induced myopathy, Antibiotic failure, and Colitis. I used them when healing from extreme allergic responsive skin problems, eczema, and rashes from toxins. I use them any time I am ill. They are my monthly maintenance detox. They are one of my go-to’s in every way in health for the body.
There are many articles that you will find on enemas as they were a common source of healing. I would suggest researching and making your own conclusions. You will find my process below.
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Use an enema kit containing a 2 qt. hot water bag. I use disposable ones and get them from Medline.
Organic coffee, either beans that you grind, or already ground
Filtered water

I use 1 Tbsp organic coffee per 1 cup filtered water. Place together in a pan and cover.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat to simmer, for 15 min, just as you would any herbal decoction. You are giving the herb(coffee bean) time to release it’s healing properties.

Strain the liquid through a thin mesh strainer, and then again through a coffee filter.

Wait for coffee to come to room temp and certainly not with temperature over 101 degrees. I dip my elbow in. If I don’t feel it, it’s generally a matching temperature, but certainly buying and using a thermometer would be a good investment.

Fill bag only after checking the temperature!

In your bathroom, lay on your left side. Make yourself comfortable with a towel or something that can be easily washed. Using some coconut oil to lubricate the end, insert no more than 3 inches into bowel. Any resistance means you’re in too far and need to back out some.

Slowly, over the course of 15 minutes, allow the liquid to seep into the bowel. Be near a toilet and once the bag is empty stand up and move to the toilet. Do not force anything, but allow the peristaltic action to take place.

When it feels as if everything has come through. Make sure you use a good sanitizing cleaner to clean all areas of the toilet, floor, sink and counters and anywhere else you used to rid the area of bacteria laden feces. Use a good hot sanitizing soapy water and hydrogen peroxide to clean your enema bag, tubing and tip before placing in a bag for storage. I use a plastic bag or plastic tupperware that won’t be used for anything else.

Drink a beverage of water and electrolytes to replace any electrolytes that were lost. Electrolytes are magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride and sodium. These can be easily replaced by drinking coconut water, or pedialyte in a pinch. Make sure to drink plenty of water today to rehydrate.

To begin with, it is recommended to do the cleanse for 7 days, am and pm. After that it is once a month, and then monthly for simple health maintenance. But there are many many programs and people that use coffee enemas for health. Gerson Miracle Therapy for cancer is one well known one. I would take your time to research, ask any questions, until you feel comfortable with what is right for you.
I would suggest starting with a 1 cup enema in the beginning, gradually moving up to 3-4 cups.

There may be restrictions for who can do a coffee enema and may involve speaking to a qualified professional first, either with your health practitioner, or even asking a colon hydrotherapist any questions you may have.

I am not a medical doctor, nor licensed naturopathic physician. This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not be seen as medical advice nor a prescription, nor a guarantee that this is the right thing for you. Seek a health professional before beginning. The author assumes no responsibility nor liability for any perceived health effects from any individual choosing to employ this method in general, nor from following the process of my experience. Be smart - do your own research!

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