The Liver Personality

The Liver Personality

The Liver Personality
Liver Fraction of Personality

The Liver Personality

The LIver Fraction of Separation


I will use the pronouns “he” and “him” because this personality is typically male, or one with male energy.

They are driven, always working hard on something, with many ideas.  They always strive for greater, better, and expanding.

The love this fraction shares is incredibly quietly outward, and they take it upon themselves, as their responsibility.  For example, a person they love will have been let down or hurt or disappointed, especially if it’s by someone else, the liver personality overcompensates by being BETTER, doing, giving, and being more.

What typically will prevent a liver personality from oneness, wholeness, and feelings of completeness are their attempts to use the powers of their ego, believing THEY alone can save the day, continuing to strive, forgetting that they are part of a unit of power.

While it can come across outwardly, or be retained inward, this person is stubborn and holds strongly to his ideals.  This does not have to be seen as a shadow side, but is often used in his stubborn-ness of strength. He just believes strongly what he believes, and because of this personality will be fiercely loyal and protective.    If you want to be a partner in a relationship with this man, he will often be the alpha to your more submissive attitude ( at least this is the way the marriage will be happiest). It can be hard for this person to be seen as romantic, but this should in no way sway the belief that he does not love strongly.  If you do not need a lot of showy affection, this will be a fine man, if you can trust that he truly does love you.

Shadow side of this personality is that in times of stress, he will take it out in addictive behavior - sports, alcohol, smoking, women.  Mostly because he will not want to burden the ones he loves with his “problems” (which he will never admit to). Do not think this means he loves less, that his behavior can seem selfish, he really is just poor at balancing.  As long as he stays balanced, he won’t feel the need to self medicate. This is where his partner can be especially beneficial to him. If she is less focused on her needs, and can be there for him, also helping him to teach himself balanced, he will be a more balanced personality.  This however can lead to friction in the relationship if the partner is not particularly inclined to be someone else’s “help mate” and forego their own larger desires.

What is great about this personality is their commitment factor.  Once they have an idea, they see it through. You would be wise, however, to make sure your images are the same, or at least agreed upon. As the partner in this relationship, you will have to be the instigator to have these conversations as it will seem unnecessary to him.  

He will be a guy in charge, someone, at least at work, that people can count on.  Being a let down is a big aversion for him.


Physically -

The true liver fraction will physically represent themselves with congestive symptoms of liver and or heart/circulatory.  The liver personality will exfoliate layers of skin easily, and because of this, will typically NOT develop skin conditions such as hives, eczema, or psoriasis.  This ability allows skin to heal quite quickly if there is to be damage to it. The skin will tend to be oilier or sweat more readily. The pores are larger and sweat glands at the ready.  The liver, being a large part of the main elimination system, resorts to the skin if it, itself, is congested, so these physical adaptations would make sense.

This personality works hard hard hard never giving up.  This includes the physical body. Typically they don’t have many major health concerns throughout life, or at least none that they complain much about, however when something hits it hits hard, drastic, and extensive, with much surprise.  They will typically tend towards liver, prostate, or heart diseases. This means that this person will often times abandon their own health care in favor of others’ needs, and will often be too late by the time they develop a diagnosis. In working with this person, it is best to give them a “fix it and forget it” approach; that is, you know what you are working on, you give them a task, usually in the form of supplementation, so that they can just take the pill and know they are taken care of.  I would use supplements that work towards the protection of the prostate, liver and heart, and these would typically be herbal plant medicines, as this person is not going to be very good at ingesting vegetation, being the meat and protein eaters they typically will be. Plant medicines will nourish, detox, and provide missing nutrients and are a preferred source over nutritional products. Either way, the Liver personality doesn’t want to have to think about what they are doing. They won’t even enjoy taking the supplement, but as long as it is provided for him, he will.  


Work and Money -

This is the man, that once his routine and plan is set, he will be in it for the long haul.  He will develop his own, or work for someone else’s business, and he will stick with it and get the gold watch at retirement.  He is reward based and sees value in being hardworking. The trouble is, he will tend towards being a workaholic. He will not be good at thinking outside the box and seeing how he can profit multiply by working smarter not harder because the concept of “hardwork” will be a strong one.   He will be great at being in charge of operations as a manager or director of some sort. He will be the one to say yes to overtime, to work when there is double pay. Money will be a status symbol to him. He will value himself based on money.


Raising the Liver Child -

Stubborn -ness and fits will be a challenge in working with this child.  He will like to see things his way and will like to know what’s coming. He does not like change in ritual or routine, or if there is, he needs advance warning.  Discipline will most likely be needed but challenging as it has to be done in a way not to take away his “manhood”. He will thrive in a reward based environment because he sees value in the work effort.  Taking things away, however, will humiliate him and should be avoided. Humiliation is as traumatic to this kid as abuse is to a Digestive Personality.

Tell him what is coming, what to expect, so that he can agree on it and knows what you expect of him.  He likes truth, honestly, and being kept in the loop.

He may tend towards lying simply because of his innate need to “save face”.  He needs to be held in high esteem. As long as you have “conferences” where everyone is seen as a valid member and you work to look for a solution, he will feel like a contributing member, he will be more likely to agree, and now with the END RESULT in mind, he can do it.  

Words HURT this kid, be careful to use as few words as needed to get your point across.

In school, he will fare best if he is simply given a list of what needs to be done.  He will, as he ages, be better and better at planning his own time to get it done. He will though adulthood value his own time and maximize it however he can even if it looks like cutting corners on things he doesn’t value.  He won’t like his time dictated when he feels like he has better things to do. And chances, are, he probably does and we would be wise to observe and encourage him in his OWN plans.

He will do well with engineering toys, building, thinking, planning, STEM, figuring things out, not a lot of dramatic or pretend play.  Find his particular favorite versions of creating and he will be fine.

Common Concepts of the Liver Personality-

The only way is through hard work

It has to be hard in order to get something

My value is based on how much money I make

I am a let down

If I do let someone down I am worth nothing

What is my true value?

Valuing myself outside of money concepts

Money concepts exercise

Nobody knows better than me

If you want something done right, you better just do it yourself (although,he will enjoy being boss to others, they just won’t do it good enough)


Concept Courses to benefit the Liver Personality:

Money Concepts

Business Direction

Everything in the form of lists, bullet points, quick factual information, facts.  He needs information and will not take well to “courses” to “educate” himself. He already knows himself well enough.  Shaking up his concepts to get him to see something new is harder than the other personalities. If a person he respects ( he must develop the composite personality or he won’t trust you.  Nobody knows better than him)

He will typically choose things that he can use quickly to get ahead, to make more money, and to be more efficient.  

The type of course that will help him best is in  WRITING the CURRICULUM HIMSELF! Given to him in the guise of telling others what to do and he will be satisfied.  Then concepts can be picked out and altered after they have been pointed out and he’s allowed to question why he thinks this way.  See, the teacher can’t tell him he’s “wrong” ; teacher has to be clever and think of ways to get him to question HIMSELF.

What are the Concept Pathology Fractions of Personality?


The Concept Pathology Fractions of Personalities are fractions of the whole that portray themselves in separation (in individual beings). They are the dominant conceptual conditioning that regulate a person’s acceptance of beliefs and thought systems.  These beliefs are the constructs that subliminally direct our actions, and behaviors, thus creating our life.

While most people will have a single dominant personality, it is possible that over time and as they grow and change that they may adopt other fractions of personality.  Generally, however, they will retain the same basic personality throughout their life. It is ultimately the goal to reintegrate into one wholeness.


Over my years in practice as a natural health practitioner, I have come to recognize patterns of particular behaviors and grouped them into common headings that it seemed my clients were falling into and identified 6 typical conceptual pattern groupings most people fit into.


While anyone can attach to any concept, each of the  particular personalities are more likely to absorb, accept, and adhere to certain types of concepts.  These make up the particulars of each personality group.


For example:  The Good Girl/Good Boy Personality is more likely to accept concepts about self worth, value,  and confidence.

The Liver Personality is more likely to have difficulty with words they perceive harshly, and will adopt more concepts about being good enough.


You can see the slight variations.  But knowing the personalities will help you help yourself better, understand why you think the way you do, and decide if you want to retain those concepts.  It will help you understand your natural purpose, why you do the things you do and what the tendencies for your health will be.


These are:

The Good Girl/Good Boy Personality

The Liver Personality

The Chameleon Personality

The Digestive Personality

The Heart Personality

The Mucosal Personality


Courses to benefit the Heart Personality - 
Relaxing and breathing into
I am worthy
Image of the self
Expectations Exercise
Changing victimization
Adaptation to changing circumstances
Self love

This is an article describing this particular fraction of personalty, based on the theory of Concept Pathology Fractions of Personality.

It includes a description, what they're good at, what the shadow sides are, what is indicated as good work situations for this personality, their views on money, how this personality affects their health, typical physical complaints and how best to approach their health, how to raise a child with this personality, common faulty concepts, and the conceptual studies that will benefit them.

This information is used to become aware of a tendency and patterns, and that way make informed decisions.

To find out which Fraction of Personality you most resemble, take our free quiz.

Use our Fractions of Personality Course to learn more about this and other Fractions of Personality and how their understanding may benefit your life, including:

Physical appearance

Best practices in healing

Working with each personality

Exercises for each personality

Raising a child with each personality

Propensities of the body for each particular personality

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