The Solution to "Struggle":  You Used To Do This All The Time As a Kid

The Solution to "Struggle": You Used To Do This All The Time As a Kid

There is no such thing as choice. Sure the ego mind thinks and believes there is because, remember, it likes to solve problems. Without solving problems, there is nothing for it to do. There is no such thing as CHOICE.

 But the simple truth of the matter is that there is no choice. There just IS. Everything already exists.

When you are in alignment, which means, when you are:

* in the flow of your soul,

* listening to your inner voice,

* and following a vibration that resonates within you as ‘right’, then you are in alignment.

Being in alignment is being in your wholeness and when you are in this state, you are connected intimately with the powers that BE. There just IS. Everything already exists.

You simply need to listen to that inner voice and feel and then “do” accordingly. This is what they mean by living in the now. If you are in alignment, then you are connected to the “IS”. If you don’t have what you want right now then it’s because you are so busy WANTING it and believing you are in a place of STRUGGLE and SOLVING, that all you get is more wanting, more struggle and more opportunity to solve.

In this now time, take a few moments today to get out of the place of struggle and solving, by getting into a place of creativity.  This can come in many forms:  

painting without intention


playing music

letting your mind drift into imagination, imagining the possibilities of your life


My favorite is to take all of the ideas in my head of what I think I would like to do, or places I'd like to go, and write a "dream sequence" in my head.  Which basically means to let my Self believe it is possible and then let myself live in the dream of it being a reality.  Let yourself step into an alternate dimension where this scenario already exists, and without judgement, imagine hat your life looks like there.  Before you initiate your dream sequence and after, be sure to give gratitude for the life you have now, on your way to the next places you are going in this life.  When I return from an imagining, or a dream sequence, I make sure to take the time to look around my current space, feeling the gratitude for everything that surrounds me. 

When we are in a place of struggle and solving we are in a place of mind and ego, where essentially you are only looking at possible solutions through ONE human mind, rather than the vast possibilities of solutions that exist.  When you get into a creative, imaginative, dreaming space, you enter a space of possibility.  This space of possibility is highly vibrational and has the potential to uplift you out of the place of struggle, even if it doesn't directly relate to your "struggle" that you are trying to solve.

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