Uncommon Practices

A unique opportunity through my education and career in natural health is getting to see the unmistakable and surprising effects of herbs and nutrition, on the skin, hair, and nails, not to mention the internal effects.

This brought me to a new hobby: learning herbs and foods as nutrition internally and topically to discover their properties and their role in beauty, in addition to health, so that I could formulate my own cosmeceuticals and cosmetics.

This has been an exciting adventure that has brought with it some unique experiences. One being my coffee bean facial. I used it with castor oil, and failed to remember that castor oil drives the nutrients into the skin. Boy, did I get a caffeine rush! So now I use it as a wonderful circulatory and exfoliating scrub and then rinse clean.

All of these experiences and trials have safely led me to practices that I love seeing the effect of them every day.

Who knew charcoal is good for the teeth, breath, gums, and skin? Or that it strengthens and whitens the nails?

Who knew that apple cider vinegar works for facial clarity, removing and preventing wrinkles, and balancing the ph in the skin?

Nature is filled with all kinds of amazing natural cosmetics. I am happy to seek them out, explore with them, and watch the effects. I have never seen anything have a negative effect, it just may not have worked.

I will have to say, however, that happiness is the best cosmetic. There is nothing that makes you shine like the smile and fire from inside.

All the cosmetics I use, and in all the headshots you see of me use all natural processes, and the cosmetics I use are all free of toxins and chemicals damaging to my health. I love finding these people and companies that care about women's health the same way I do. I love to see them developing products that work.

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