"What's This Life For?"  4 Things To Do On The Daily To Figure It All Out

"What's This Life For?" 4 Things To Do On The Daily To Figure It All Out

Such a loaded question.  So much pressure to live a life trying to realize the answer!  And in THAT recognition do we learn our real answer!  Ready?  Here it is....to NOT live a life trying to realize the answer!  Deep, huh?

It can feel frustrating to know you must have SOME purpose and then to not really know what that is.  We keep looking for it, thinking it must be something big and magical, not understanding that the purpose of life is to realize our self.    Not just as ourselves, but that everyone else is doing the same, and so to realize ourselves as part of it all. 

No matter whether we are aware of it or not, every single life serves while they are here.  Not just the "good" but those we don't understand.  Yes, bank robbers and thieves serve a purpose, because in experiencing the "bad", we see what we want instead.  There is healing and elevation that takes place.  There is discovery and awareness that comes.  Something "bad" gives someone else an opportunity to do something "good". 

In truly understanding this, we can see that the hierarchy of better than or less than disappears and an understanding of the balance of all things takes its place.  We can begin to see the balance and order of it all. 

Does this mean we can be lazy, and be less than ourselves?  Not at all.  To those that are aware (You, because you are reading this) this means that we balance the scales by being the best version of ourselves.  You don't LOOK for purpose, you live what is truly valuable to you, and that takes getting to know yourself very well (and then being honest about it, and courageous enough to BE it).  Once you live what is valuable to you, you are beginning to create a new reality.  

When you're not trying to live a life trying to figure it all out, you are focused instead on "becoming" and "being". 

It's not just about ourselves though.  It takes doing this IN RESPECT To ALL FORMS OF LIFE, because remember, the purpose is to experience your SELF (the parts of you that are truly you) and it's correlation and relationship to everyone and everything else.   Some good questions to ask yourself are:

  • "Is this good for me?"  "
  • Is this good for my family(community, circle around me)?"  and
  • "Is this good for life, in general?"

This means having an understanding that all people are really doing the same thing....trying to feel good about, feel justified about, and feel valid about who they are.

Here's a suggestion: 

1. Start by writing down what the greatest person is like.  What character traits does this person have?  What qualities do you think they have?  How do they act?  What are the ways YOU want to be?

2. Keep a list of these qualities.  

3. What I do everyday on my AM/PM Planner is to write ONE of these words in the "Today I want to feel" section.  That day I focus on developing that quality within myself.  For example, if my word is "courageous", I consciously choose to be courageous in my actions.  How would courage walk into a meeting?  Approach the stage?  Resolve conflict with a co-worker?  Have a hard discussion with their teenager?

4. Then at the end of the day in the "Meditation/time to myself" section, I pay awareness to all the ways I was courageous and how I felt about my day and my interactions, how I felt as a person, and how others related to me. This time also allows me to answer questions like, "Why do I feel the need to be courageous?"  "Where do I feel I am lacking and why?"  "Is it true?"  "What is in my power to do about it?"


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