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More and more, parents and students are looking for alternatives to traditional and conventional public education.

If you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, how to homeschool


And we know it's not going to slow down soon.

Whether the concern is:

safety in the schools,

struggles with anxiety and depression,


peer pressure and negative social situations,

teacher incompatability,

ADHD, Dyslexia and learning disabilities,

low self esteem....

the list goes on and on. 


The fact is, more students are requesting un-conventional opportunities of education, 

leaving parents scrambling.


Leaving a child at school as parents head to work is no longer the norm.  

Parents are dealing with school situations like never before and whatever the reason,

kids want out!


Many parents feel like they CAN'T possibly homeschool their child, and yet it seems like the best option.

Even if they did, they don't know 

where to go

who to turn to

how to start

and how to daily just get it done

with everything else they've got going on.


Homeschool Authority believes in each student's ability and NECESSITY of learning their own abilities and greatness within.

Its like trying to teach a fish to climb a tree.  If we judge them all based on the same exam, 


leaving kids with low self esteem, and the inability to get along and be successful in the outside world. 


Homeschool Authority offers books, articles, how to videos, tips, and blog articles, Q and A, and more, so that homeschooling can become a real option for you

and your child's success.

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Get started today, and receive a copy of "Intuitive Un-Schooling" to get your child started with their best education yet.  

This book has everything you need to begin within 1 day or receipt.  It's introduction discusses the idea of "Un-Schooling", and the rest of it is everything you need to start immediately, with printables, planners, checklists, and daily what to do's.  

It gives you the framework and the beginning so you can start immediately, and learn as you go. 

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