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Why I Want to Mail You This 
Envelope Worth At Least 

Soon this will be mailed to the doorsteps
of a few lucky individuals 

In the next few days, with your permission…

I'm going to send you an envelope in the mail. 

Inside will be a few of our most popular Success Conditioning books, as well as a document that contains a boatload of health, self help, growth, transformation, even money making information.

Things like…


  • Information for personal healing
  • Lessons in Concept Pathology
  • Strategies for health
  • What we do with illness
  • What we eat to stay healthy
  • How we stopped my son's diabetic path
  • How I healed from Crohns and Colitis
  • How I re-learned to walk after Steroid Induced Myopathy
  • ​How to know if the miracle (you call them "experiences") in your life were meant for something more.
  • If they were, how to start a business or natural health practice sharing these experiences out,  USING THE MIRACLES OF YOUR LIFE. They were experiences for a reason!
  • Charts, pictures, posters, flyers, graphs, to secure your new knowledge
  • New Books as they come out in print.
  • How to identify the themes and experiences in your life that could create the avenues for wealth, prosperity, and joy in your life.
  • ​Pathways to earn passive income doing what you love
  • Make  a difference in people's lives and the world on a daily basis
  • How to love the life you live
  • Stay up to date on tips and tricks to keep your career/business at the top of its game
  • To experience your health in a way you've never experienced, with insider information and a community to keep you going strong
  • Secrets of generating income through your lifestyle
  • Easy ways to promote your message with a simple to write book
  • Time management hacks that allow me to run multiple businesses, avoid the phone and meetings, and have no problem making it home for dinner each night.
  • ​How to simplify your life, making well-being a natural by-product. 

And much, much more.


The fact is, this is information I send out each month to a few select individuals. It's like being part of the "in-club".

You see, when I started teaching people "My Miracle Method," I had no idea how many individuals it would impact and how many people would have their lives changed.

I'm proud of the impact these people are creating in the world, which is my ultimate goal. 

And, I would be honored to have you join us in our mission to help people grow themselves, find their Greatness Within and grow their businesses, and the good we all do in this world. 

That’s why today, you can become one of the select few members of My Miracle Method, seeing the experiences in your life for the miracles they are and sharing those experiences in a way that can help others, and add profit to your life. 

My Miracle Method Alliance includes access to a monumental amount of health, wellness, food, nutrition, natural health, and income generating strategies. 

For example, all members receive the My Miracle Method Letter.

This is a lesson kit that comes straight to your inbox around the first of the month.  It may contain personal wellness information or latest tips, recipes, or herbal formulas.  It may contain detailed information for upcoming classes and workshops for the next generation of healers.  It contains information on topics to increase 8 Dimensions of Wellness:  Physical, Financial, Intellectual, Educational, Environmental, Relational, Social, Spiritual.

 It's like being in college, receiving new curriculum and textbooks every month!  And then using it to grow at your own pace.  This curriculum is invaluable, and we could charge much more than we do, especially considering you can use what you are learning to grow a business of your own, become part of our Next Generation of Healers, and determine your financial freedom for yourself!

It's not just talk.  It's application specific.  You can take the information and apply it immediately, instantly improving your life your family, all Dimensions of your Wellbeing, your business, your financials, and your feelings of health and satisfaction.

What’s more…

You’re About to Secure My

My Miracle Method Masterclass  - a value of $497 - For FREE!

All new members of  My Miracle Method Alliance get myMy Miracle Method Masterclass– for FREE.

How is this possible?

Because this plan is based ALWAYS on intention and impact, which by law of attraction brings more of the same, and I intend on making an impact on you, AND, helping YOU make an impact on others!

 Growth happens all the time, so it makes sense to apply to an education system that is going to grow right alongside you.  Just think where you coudl be a year from now!

For instance…

Next year, you could be healthier than you are now.

You could look, act, and feel younger.

You could have developed a business doing what you love.

You could have lost weight.

You could have "found yourself", and been spending your time enjoying your life.

You could be making income by working from home.


This list goes on and on!  Just think where being a member of our My Miracle Method Alliance could take you!

How much can happen? It depends, and that's why people find this monthly alliance very powerful, so that they can keep learning, applicable lessons in a way that is easy, convenient, and very purposeful to life!

I could go on, but you get the point.


It really is the most impactful thing I do, getting to put a good majority of my time on the people that REALLY WANT to be healthier, happier, and make more money.  That's why this membership is for COMMITTED people.  I don't want to throw my good programs away.

And, like I said, I want to give you this My Miracle Method Masterclass – for FREE when you join us today as the newest member of My Miracle Method Alliance.

Besides the Masterclass,

All members of My Miracle Method Alliance get access to the professional course education system right to their inbox. 

This is where I share information you can use for yourself and your clients every month.

It might be an email…

A new success strategy....

A webinar…

A new supplement tip.....

Or even a new Facebook strategy.

But the fact is, you get to look over my shoulder each month where I give you skills and information that I use EVERYDAY!  It will show how I keep myself and my family healthy, how I healed from Colitis and Crohns, how I stopped a Diabetic path with my teenage son, how we eat, live and move, even the money-making templates I use that allows me to stay at home and homeschool my kids.   I'll show you how I created a new work paradigm and used the miracles in my life to create a new kind of life  I'll show you what we do when faced with illness, how we have dealt with anxiety and depression, and so much more!  

Even better, EVERY COURSE packet comes with a survey where YOU can tell me what you're interested in so that we can answer and include the MOST POPULAR topics that you can quickly put into use in your own business.

Members of the Miracle Method Alliance also get first crack at private coaching slots, live events and other special trainings I do throughout the year.

It's like having a personal and professional coach in your back pocket.  You get to call the shots and go it alone, with us in your back door. 

However, because I want to help as many individuals as possible to reach their true potential, I’ve put it at a ridiculously low price right now.

You’ll pay just $39.95 a month and you get the Miracle Method Masterclass for free.

There is no long-term obligation and you can cancel at any time.

I only want people in the My Miracle Method Alliance who are serious about growing themselves, their lives, businesses and making an impact on others. 

To join the My Miracle Method Method Alliance and get the Masterclass for free, click here.

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