Collection: Weight Rebalancing

Losing weight is more than watching the scale move!  It is about creating a new understanding and relationship with your food.  It is about eliminating negative concepts and programming of the cells and replacing it with changes that create the life you are looking for, and setting up the environment for success.  

Our weight rebalancing program helps you to STOP counting calories, and start living again, all the while creating a life you can love and be proud of, which equals TRUE CHANGE and REAL HEALTH!

A weight loss plan that includes natural health and wellness articles and self help books,  Inspirational and motivational messages for self improvement, access to all of DrFoodie's healthy recipes,  over 30 lessons including nourishment, how to eat, how to chart your diet without stress, strain, or counting calories.  Making understanding nutrition EASY, addressing and healing limiting beliefs through the use of Concept Therapy in order to understand the concepts that have impeded your progress in the past.  Learn how to get faulty beliefs out of the way, and learn proper technique so weight can instantly rebalance itself.  

You'll see why conventional weight loss programs fail or only work for a short period of time.  You'll have access to all the re-training and re-programming your body needs to set itself up for success, and all the necessary concept therapy that is left out of other weight loss programs. 


Here's what you'll receive:

* The 5 concepts that could be keeping you from losing weight

*The one conceptual change that makes all the difference.  Weight REBALANCING removes the limiting belief that comes with Weight LOSS

* 30 lessons to learn and apply at your pace

* 3 E-books

* Law of Nourishment instruction

* Weight loss programming that helps the body to assist with FAT LOSS, not just weight loss

* Understanding your Conceptual Healing Personality so you can understand yourself and heal in the best ways for YOU

* Nutritional and Wellness Powerpoint to learn the basics of nutrition education

* Learn to properly support the body's eliminative function and orgrans that provide elimination to remove waste and weight through "5+1=0 Eliminative Pathways"

* The importance of removing grain for easy and immediate water weight loss and how to do it safely and effectively

* How to stop calorie counting and start charting your foods for function and assistance towards your goal

* Daily Exercises in concept healing to heal those limiting beliefs that have prevented progress in the past

* Learning conceptual technologies and belief mindsets that aren't included in typical conventional weight loss programs

* Building a life that supports your environment for success

* Instruction that assists the most important element:  the environment for success

* The Environment for Success includes re-education

* Intensive self re-programming through Concept Therapy

* Rebuilding your life from ground up with all of the concept you are choosing to keep that support your goal.

* A link to the RESET Lifestyle

* Email subscription for continued support and updates on new lessons and articles for your success.

PLUS, AS A BONUS!  Receive all of DrFoodie's articles for weight loss/fat loss/weight rebalancing/ and exercise!