Banana Cream Dessert

Banana Cream Dessert

I have never been one for sweet treatsy pies and gooey gooey chocolately delights.  Have I lost you?!  Okay okay, so I'm not going to pick the chocolate pie out of Perkins window case, but I HAVE always loved banana cream pie.....

but I REALLY didn't like how I felt afterwards....ugh the sugar made me feel so sick and sluggish.  

Over time I gave up on the idea of trying to find a healthier way to make it as it seemed impossible without using pudding mix.  But for some reason I got a wild hair and decided to pull on it.  

I have to admit.  It turned out awesome.  I didn't know if my fans would rave the taste, so I was considering alterations, but my family said no, they absolutely loved it.  So I left it as is.  I will say though, that it tastes better after letting it sit in the refrigerator overnight.  

It's a healthy dessert, but it's still a congestor food, so be sure to load up on Eliminator function foods to stay in balance! 


Banana Cream Dessert


1 cup banana chips

1 cup dates

1 cup pecans

dash salt

1/4 cup coconut oil

Pulverize all together in a food processor until fine crumbly.  Press into the bottom of an 8 x 8 pan.



3 bananas

1 cup almond milk( I make my own, but you can use the store-bought)

3 Tablespoons cornstarch

1 Tablespoon molasses.  (you could use agave as well, but I would put in more like 1/4 cup)

1 teaspoon vanilla

Puree in food processor or blender, then pour into a medium saucepan.  Cook to a light boil until thickened.  


Pour on top of the crust.  

The cream topping is actually a coconut cream.  TruWhip is also a better alternative to regular corn syrup laden whipped cream

Refrigerate overnight and serve. 


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