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I’m Dr. Amanda Plevell, a PHD in Natural Medicine and founder of Neurogenic Recollection Medicine. I am not only a survivor of mystery disease but the pioneer of the Neurogenic Illness Theory, providing a viable option for sufferers of unresolved chronic silent illnesses. But I did learn to walk again, use my arms, and write.  In fact, I ran a 5k 6 months after my recovery.

I learned I was not the only one who felt let down, scared, or hopeless with a medical condition. 

I learned there were others that didn't know who to trust or were discharged saying their labs were normal and nothing was wrong with them and didn't know where to turn.

Over 15 years and in the course of learning how to fix myself, I earned a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, a PhD in Natural Medicine, a certificate as a Brain Health Practitioner, and a Master's of Science in Clinical Nutrition, specializing in Trauma Nutrition and Neuroscience.

Now I spend my time teaching people how to learn the code of their own body, where their nervous system got off track and how that played out in their physical health. I teach them specialized patterns and hidden health clues to watch for, and strategies once they understand why their body is doing what it is.

My mission is to evolve healthcare to include proactive practices and client focused care coordination. 

  • "What she does is beyond scientific discovery and more than you could ask for in a wellness practitioner.  Using a unique set of intuitive gifts, an unparalleled education pathway, and life changing experiences, her consultations are second to none." - a happy client from 2013

  • "Her compassionate approach, which takes into account not just physical symptoms but well-being on every level, has repeatedly given relief and results.  That's why we sought her out."  J.P.Family

  • Amanda's accuracy, success rate and continued higher achievement has earned her a board certification with the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board and the trust of thousands worldwide.


Certified Brain Health Practitioner, Amen Clinics, 2023

Certified Nutrition Specialist, by the American Nutrition Association,  Number CNS18811, 2023

Principles of Nutritional Genomics, Certificate, American Nutrition Association, 2021

Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition, SCNM, Arizona, 2020-current

Certified Lyme Specialist, Trinity School of Natural Health, 2020

Recipient of the ANMA’s Higher Achievement Award, 2020

Professional Diploma in Nutrition, Distinction, Shaw Academy, April 2020

Certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Board, Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, August, 2019

PhD in Philosophy of Natural Medicine, New Eden School of Clinical Natural Medicine, 2018.

Doctorate in Clinical Natural Medicine/Naturopathy, New Eden School of Clinical Natural Medicine, 2017

[New Eden School exceeds WHO (the World Health Organization) standards]

Diploma in Hair, Tissue, Skin, Mineral Analysis, College of Natural Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus, 2017

Diploma in Biochemical Nutrition, College of Natural Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus, 2017

Became Certified as a Natural Health Practitioner in 2007

Trained and Certified as an EDS/MSAS Technician in 2007

Owner/Operator of the Natural Source Clinics, Success Conditioning Academy, and DrFoodie.live

Instructor, Trainer, Speaker, Entrepeneurial Educator

Community Wellness Initiative Promoter and Teen Youth Advocate

Author of over 26 books in the areas of Concept Therapy, Concept Pathology, Nutritional Psychology, Self Help, Growth and Transformation, and Success Conditioning

Bachelor's Degree in Applied Psychology/Counseling and Education from SCSU, MN, 1998.