Fall Granola Cereal

Fall Granola Cereal

I've been kind of obsessed with this recipe lately. It's the same base but I've been playing around with it making it a little new each day. And I love how this one turned out. It is the perfect complement as the weather is turning colder and I see the leaves turning around me and all of the gardening and canning I am doing.

I fully believe in the apple a day principle.  Not only does it give you important vitamins and enzymes, but it is a powerhouse for keeping your foundational phenolics balanced!  

I wanted a simple breakfast that power packed a punch loading me and my kids up with everything we needed, all in one bowl.  The banana is a grain free carb, with energy for metabolism; the apple gives us plenty of fiber, raw enzymes, and a beautiful array of raw nutrients, and the nuts and seeds are great protein.  It's super simple to make and there's no pots and pans to clean up.  Best of all, it's adjustable to suit everyone's preferences. 

This fall granola house one apple diced, one banana sliced, two tablespoons of coconut cream, I throw in a handful of pumpkin seeds and some sunflower seeds with a few dashes of fall spices. I used pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. I even threw in some turmeric because the flavor would be masked and I try to get this potent anti inflammatory herb in anything anytime I can. Drizzle a little bit of coconut milk on top and you're all set. Vegan raw food grain free perfection. By the way, this recipe makes a lot so share it with two or three people!

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