Vegan Banana Split

Vegan Banana Split

Sometimes you just need a little sweet treat.  But I like my treats to feel refreshing and alive.  I know many people crave the sweet to crave the sweet, or the comfort of it.  I crave it, but it's the alive-ness I crave.  

One of the best ways I fulfill this need is with fruit, or dried fruit, and the pairing with a healthy creamy fat, like avocado cream or coconut cream.   Spice it up with some cinnamon, Chinese five star blend, cardamom, or ginger, and it's a taste sensation that changes an ordinary banana, apple, or strawberry into something enticingly delicious.

In this sweet satisfying snack, I united the tang of strawberries with the soft smooth texture of bananas, a bit of crunch with an apple, and the deep bitter rogue flavor of 90% dark chocolate.  

The function of the food:

I wanted something alluring and satisfying, something comforting and indulgent-feeling.  Health wise, I wanted nourishing antioxidants and healthy Omega 3 Fats for healthy glowing skin, in which I chose the strawberries and coconut cream.  I chose some healthy carb and congestive banana slices to stabilize fluid levels in the body and maintain the satisfaction with a quick but stabilizing carb.  Apple is a great way to balance base phenolics as  it contains many of the supports for healthy neurotransmitters and thus hormone health.  It also contains those phenolic compounds that stabilize the nervous system, and the building block phenolic compounds that support other foods. 

As for the chocolate, dark chocolate, as we know can have great nourishing factors for the heart and cardiovascular system, adrenals, and not to mention the heart happiness quotient because of the positive chemical compounds the brain creates when you eat it.  

It must be dark chocolate, and not loaded with sugar and fillers.  Real chocolate I am talking about.  

But I don't eat chocolate all throughout the month.  There is a reason women crave chocolate during their moon cycle of the month, but for some, chocolate at this time can be negatively impactful.  Copper levels (which is a mineral the body needs in small quantities) rise with estrogen elevations.  Unfortunately, the the level of copper can now become a toxic level, which can be a reason women feel PMS and migraine headaches, muscle stiffness and tiredness.  This also causes a craving for chocolate.  Chocolate also contains copper, which just raises levels higher, increasing symptoms.  Copper levels balance out again as the estrogen drops and is replaced by progesterone, so chocolate towards the end of the cycle, and during ovulation is a great time to support the body with some nourishing chocolate treats.  Just a food for thought, ladies.

Now on to the recipe... if you are being pulled to the ice cream aisle, try this decadent creamy satisfying alternative which, trust me, gives you the same satisfaction as enjoying ice cream AND it makes you feel better afterwards!


Vegan Banana Split

1 apple, cored and diced

6 strawberries, sliced

1 banana, sliced

1/4 cup coconut cream

1-2 Tablespoons dark chocolate chips

1 teaspoon cinnamon, cardamom, Chinese five star blend, ginger (optional)

Slice all into a bowl, drizzle coconut cream, and sprinkle with dark chocolate.

You can add additional crunch, protein and Omega 3's with a tablespoon of Hemp seeds (kind of like nuts on your ice cream)

It's amazingly simple, treats you like ice cream, but nourishes your body instead!  Enjoy!


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