Meal Plan #2001 - Theme Night Series:  Creamy Cajun Salmon, Chicken Teriyaki

Meal Plan #2001 - Theme Night Series: Creamy Cajun Salmon, Chicken Teriyaki

This week's meal plan features a gluten free menu, and mostly dairy free.  One meal that contains dairy is the pizza on Friday.  You can switch to parmesan for lighter dairy intake, or forgo the cheese and sprinkle some nutritional yeast for cheese flavor (and added B12) or a dairy free cheese option.

 This meal plan follows our "Theme Night" format, reducing time in the kitchen and making eating at home a snap.  Two of the nights are according to a continuous theme.  For example, Taco Tuesday and Friday Family movie night with homemade pizza. 

* This reduces the search for new meals each week

* Family favorites can happen again and again

* you can serve "double duty".  For example, many of the ingredients you cut up for Taco Tuesday are usable on Friday pizza, so you can cut once and save time

* any leftover vegetables you cut for tacos and pizza can no be used in Sunday's soup

The rest of the week follows an order as well:

* One night you pick 1 new meal to make for the week.  Make double, and freeze half for convenient use later when you don't have time to cook

* One night is a fix and forget crockpot meal before you head off for your day

* One night is stir-fry night which doesn't need a recipe, simply toss choice of vegetables with choice of meat, saute in olive oil, and add any seasons, Bragg's liquid aminos (healthy soy sauce) or sauces.

* Saturday and Sunday allow for family breakfast brunches

* Sunday soup lets you enjoy your day by cooking the meal in the crockpot, eating as you like, and reserving for lunches for the week by separating it out into single serve containers.


Get the meal plan here.

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