Menu Planner #2003

Menu Planner #2003

This week's menu planner is gluten free and refined sugar free.  It also falls our "Theme Series", where we reduce the work in the kitchen by having themes for the nightly meals.  This cuts down on prep, grocery budget and the work of pulling together a meal plan.  There is one totally new recipe each week (monday).  Make this meal in double, so that you can freeze half and save as a meal for later when you have a busy night and didn't have time.

Taco night is Tuesday

Family homemade pizza is Friday

Stirfry Thursday is simple:  just pick a builder (meat, bean, lentil or chickpea), add veggies you have leftover in the fridge, and stirfry in 2 tbsp olive oil, adding seasonings like garlic, ginger, salt and pepper, and liquid amino acids(healthy soy sauce) for flavor.

The crock pot meal is a "set it and forget it" so that hot dinner is ready when you get home.  This week is "Bourbon Chicken".  This chicken can be added to This Week's Salad.  The sauce also makes a tasty dressing for salads as well!  Let us know how you use it in the comments below!

Get the meal plan here.

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