“I have esophagitis.” Yes, do you know why? “Because I have GERD.” Yes, do you know why? “Well, no, not really.”

Identifying the continued and marked increase in autoimmune diagnosis, the ineffective programs of treatment and/or management, and the projection of increased cases spurs the need for further study and effective management.(1)

The Copp Theory and the corresponding program, Retrain the Allergy Brain is a research and resolution program based on the salutogenic model of creating health, designed to begin a new conversation on Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disease resolution by understanding key components of stress and trauma cellular responses and how they impact the genesis, healing and recovery of autoimmune.  

We are not victims, we are creators.  In every second, with every input and response, we are creating the cell and the program with which it will operate from.  We are not passive bystanders but active participants in the direction and quality of our health.  

We have not been taught this, in fact, the large majority of us have been trained out of inherent knowledge and gut instinct, teaching trust instead in establishments.  Our idea of needing an “answer” and a “name” or “label” for  our symptoms has a tendency to bring us the other direction, through suggestive therapy, rather than towards a direction of healing.  We are now focused on the victimized state our disease brings us to, the “attack” we must wage, and/or the “courage” we must have to “fight” and “survive”, which you will see through this reading that this is counterintuitive to true and actual healing.   

Also, this work serves to bridge a gap between conventional diagnostics and functional health.  I served a client who initially came to me saying “I have esophagitis.”  Yes, do you know why?  “Because I have GERD.” Yes, do you know why?  “Well, no, not really.”  It seems evident that often knowing WHAT it is is not as life serving as if we can get to the root and recreate functional opportunities that restore and retain human functioning.

More and more are we seeing autoimmune labeling, confounding anxiety, and multiple allergies, and many yet sub-clinical and thus un-diagnosed.  However, we have yet to truly see the extent of poor metabolic adaptation and function as a primary cause for these conditions, and the part trauma, stress, and the multiple nervous systems' role.  COPP theory hopes to answer to this.

1  Autoimmunity may be rising in the United States. (2020, April 8). National Institutes of Health (NIH). https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/autoimmunity-may-be-rising-united-states


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