What Happens During Inflammation?

Inflammation is a set of coordinated actions, I call a "cascade" that comes in response to an "insult".  This could be a surgery, an infection, a virus, a bacteria, burns, disease process, stress. (1)

The endocrine responds with an increased secretion of catecholamines especially epinephrine, glucagon, cortisol, growth hormone and vasopressin, which contributes to the symptoms you feel, like palpitations, hyperglycemia, weakness, dizziness, food intolerance, pain and digestive symptoms. (1)

The immune system responds by releasing inflammatory cytokines that exacerbate the stress response.  The immune system has both the innate system and the adaptive immune system.   It is this adaptive immune system that both works in our favor, but also causes difficulty as its continuously assessing, and adapting to the stressors in the environement.  This is why we have difficulty, thinking we're on track to recovery, but the original and underlying insult hasn't been resolved and adaptations are being made and we morph into different symptoms or symptom variation. (1)

In the case of Lyme, for example, the outer cell membrane has the ability to alter the proteins on their surface as well as coat themselves in a biofilm that helps them avoid detection by the immune system. (2)

All of this cascade process affects normal digestion and functioning and so symptoms arise.  

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