What is the Proposed Theory of a "Brain Allergy"?

What is a “brain allergy”?

Allergies are an “error”.  It is the body reacting inappropriately to a seemingly harmless substance, that after multiple failures at multiple levels of stress on the nervous system can elevate its expression of complexity of symptoms.  While cancer has taken the lead next to cardiac mortality as the fearful front runner in science and healthcare, my belief is that many cancers will be found to be related to as metabolic conditions and therefore influences by diet, metabolic defense, detoxification abilities, nervous system signalling, and the multi community microbiome influencers puts it side by side with autoimmune disease which I believe will become more extensively the topic of research and study, pulling ahead as the new front runner in disease expression and cause of morbidity, incorporating cancer under its umbrella.  That’s a bold statement, I know, but accurate in my mind when it seems health comes down to the uninhibited processes of the body and functional systems to perform.  

Very basically we can temporarily suspend correlating factors outside of metabolism and very basically look at the affectations of our health outcome by the parenteral process.  Put simply, as the body brings substances like food and toxins into the presence of the cells, there is an acceptance or a rejection created.  If a rejection occurs, the substance has now become part of the physiology of the body and as an attempt to always correct in order to protect and maintain homeostasis, the body has it’s defense mechanisms.  These mechanisms in their effort to protect can create adverse expressions that we can perceive as symptoms.  Largely these can be related to our experience of the immune system turning on our own tissues due to the offending culprit (autoimmune), the inability to eject the offensive substance (elimination, lymphatic, vagus nerve toxicity and brain toxicity), the imprinted rejection memory created in the cells, the trauma adaptive stress response by the cells,  the rejection of injured tissues and mechanisms and the inability to re-engage back through the vagus nerve.  In this way multiple maladaptive messages can be recorded on the neural circuitry in the brain and nervous system and create what I’ve termed a “brain allergy”, anything that is rejected, remembered, and rejected at each introduction until corrected. 

Brain allergy can contribute to such maladies as all autoimmune and inflammatory conditions including colitis and IBD, anxiety, chronic lower back pain nasal congestion, chronic fatigue and include many other problems such as depression, bedwetting, hayfever, intestinal disorders and skin problems.

Essentially the frame of reference focused on in this work is the rejective and maladaptive response of the body’s innate efforts to heal and the programming received by the brain to continue that response pattern.  This theory offers the belief that not only can the body create an “overactive” immune response, as in common leaky gut theory, but can and often does activate a phylogenetically older system of immobilization and that this is often a missing link to why we can’t reduce an inflammatory response. This work will show the contributing factors and the necessity of seeing these factors holistically and synergistically in order to down regulate the stress and reject response effect a restoration of original state. 


Amanda Plevell, PhD, CNHP is a Natural Health Practitioner with a key interest in Psychoneuroimmunology and autoimmune specific immunology. Find her credentials here, and search the AAANMC site for additional information.

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