What's Missing in Autoimmune Care?

What's Missing in Autoimmune Care?

Multiple studies evidence that there is still much to be learned about autoimmune protocol.  Not only are the current strategies invasive, but largely deemed as ineffective in symptom resolution and permanent treatment.(1)  Seeing autoimmune on the rise, we need to rise with additional strategies.(2,3)

Interest in my theory using cellular optimization through vagal toning, enhanced communication networks of the microbiome and extracellular matrix, phenolic strategies and finally, mitochondrial health and growth and resolution science has come with a request to produce more information, more to digest and understand, in a way that is more accessible not only to clinicians, but to the people we serve that perhaps don’t have as extensive understanding in the field of health or wellness.  While there is extensive information about the Vagus Nerve and Polyvagal Theory through research and articles, information in phenolics in general is difficult to find  and certainly information for using phenolics as an applicable method towards healing previous to the COPP Theory was non-existent.  The importance of the two as a combined effort and how they matter to each other certainly needed to be defined as well.  My objective is to communicate and convey ideas.  To start a dialogue and a curiosity in individuals as well as clinicians that can build on COPP Theory as a viable option in health strategy.  My intention is also to provide clinicians with an understanding of how our nervous system adapts to challenges and what that means to our inherent systems as well as how imperative a full and complete metabolic process is to our whole health.  My talks have primarily focused on cellular programming, but in this case we focus on COPP Theory as an explanation for how the regulation of the autonomic nervous system functions as a neural canvas upon which various adaptive strategies by the cells are employed, and what this means for autoimmune and inflammatory disease states.    COPP Theory teaches us that cells  themselves can signal a defense;  not exclusively the immune system which is activated once a substance is in the bloodstream, but that ANY cell in the presence of the offender has and will use this authority as a primal evolutionary adaptive defense mechanism.  We learn that the cells have the capability of experiencing their own stress adaptive response, above and beyond the current idea that external stressors ignite symptoms, but by internal stress created by cellular memory activation of physiological trauma.    It is my premise in COPP Theory that these programs and adaptive strategies have the power to generally shift, halt, disrupt or distort cellular responses and ultimately metabolic pathways leading to adaptive behavior causing symptoms and inflammatory disease and that these responses are then neurally encoded:  what I call “trauma-adaptive programming”.   Most importantly, in understanding these operations, we are allowed a platform with which to develop strategies to rebuild a phytochemical foundation, convey a new program to the cells, essentially “re-setting” the cellular code and neural messaging, ending the feedback loop expressing symptoms and disease and altering DNA.   In writing this book, it is my hope to highlight the importance of switching our focus from symptomatic treatment at the expense of curative care.  I also endeavor to show that true curative care is largely established by the body “feeling safe” in order to reduce an expression of defense, and to convey a new theology of functional nutrition that contributes to the whole metabolic process as  an essential and viable component of healing and continued wellbeing. 

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