Correcting Money Lack Concepts:  Using Wealth and Satisfaction

Correcting Money Lack Concepts: Using Wealth and Satisfaction

It is not very common that you hear people saying money is not an issue in their lives. In fact, money struggle, stress, and anxiety is often a core reason people feel stressed, worried and insecure. It is a large factor in why people do the things they do.

It is easy to identify some common core concepts and beliefs that keep people stuck in their perceived financial struggle. Common limiting beliefs about financial struggle include concepts of lack, not-enough-ness, and worthiness.

However, when moving yourself into a vibrational position where finances flow freely, it is important to understand that there is an often overlooked, yet VERY IMPORTANT measure. It is of course important to correct the limiting belief and analyze the value of its place in your life, but even more so, it’s important to align yourself with the proper mindset, attitude, and action that creates the right frequency. It is important to note that the vibrational frequency to align yourself with is NOT the frequency of MONEY, but of WEALTH. The two carry very different frequencies, and often when people are envisioning what their lives would look like without financial struggle, they are envisioning money, they are not envisioning wealth. Let’s look at the two.

Money and the idea of Money carries with it quite literally...a lie. The concept of cash money, paper checks, plastic cards is essentially and actually a big lie. The items themselves carry no real value. They are a mere symbol of what they represent. If you were truly in lack, the cash and coin hold no value, they would do you no good in the real world. You can’t eat it, drink it, or clothe yourself with it. Think of it. If there was a market crash, a computer, and banking crash, survival needs would kick in and it would be the grocery stores robbed in attempt to stay alive. Money has value only because of the value we have attributed to it. It surely carries with it vibrations of possibility, but as I was examining the frequency of it, it’s height was heavily soured by the negative connotations of greed, demand, comparison, and struggle. Where the real idea of wealth is a sense and resulting vibration of completeness and wholeness, the concept of money is incomplete, un-sustainable, and needy.

Wealth on the other hand, the vibrational pattern associated with wealth mentality, wealth mindset, wealth lifestyle, and the vibration of the idea of wealth as a whole is one of in-sourcing, from within, sustainability, completeness, truth, and value. This concept is TRUE because it is based in wholeness and self-sustainability, whereas the concept of money is based on lie, symbology for the real meaning. Wealth is not CREDIT(credit can fail and it has to be paid later, and it’s determined by someone else). Wealth is not loans(uses someone else’s abundance and is payable later, which doesn’t exist). Wealth is not anything that is PAID LATER. Even real estate is not wealth (the building can burn or suffer a tragedy). It is real, true, and honest NOW. It is sustainability and accessibility. It sets you into a position of true power because it does belong to you at your fingertips. It is okay to employ the other features of MONEY in addition to WEALTH, like owning real estate, but it is a gamble, and it is not a frequency of sustainability. Money is fragile. Wealth is security. Not in the world’s idea of security, which is based on the material collection, but in the true sense that you have all that you need for all that you need. If you see it this way, you might discover that you already ARE more wealthy than you initially believed yourself to be. THIS IS THE PLACE THEN TO START FROM, because it is based on satisfaction, and with your awareness of it...gratitude. Sit in focused meditation over all the ways that you are taken care of, focusing on the FEELING of satisfaction and gratitude.

When most people are struggling with money, they are attempting to work with law of attraction to attract more MONEY and I would question you on if it’s money, or the opposite (which is wealth and cash flow) that you are actually wanting to attract. People don’t often need more money, they need more ability to use more money. This is important for our mantra later on then: that says, “I have all the money I can use”.

To meditate in a receptive place to the vibration of wealth, try the technique here:
Sit in a still meditative silent place. Still the body from it’s doing-ness. Understand that frequencies for every situation exist. There are people who make a lot of money, have a lot of financial success, are wealthy, as well as the people like you, and those that are poorer than you. All of these frequencies from all of these peoples’ beliefs, actions, and mindsets are out there. Clear the mind to focus on a stream of frequencies as if they are coming in from the left of the head, through the head, and out the right. Pay attention to the streams and intend to attract only the frequencies of wealth mindset and financial flow. You will feel the frequencies of money are much lower, residing below the head, while the frequencies of wealth are higher, up through the temple. Pay attention as those frequencies get faster and stronger while the lower frequencies fade away.
Sit for a time feeling aligned with these frequencies of wealth, and financial flow.

Here’s an exercise to understand the false pretenses you have been living under.
Let your mind get involved to learn from where you have been living under limiting false beliefs. Here’s how: Close your eyes and picture an image as you speak to yourself of what wealth mindset looks like to you. Write these down.

Take a look at what you wrote down. What kind of images did you see? When I started seeing big houses, pools, cars, trips, and images that are typical from people that are touting wealth, it made me stop. I thought, wait a minute, is this what success with wealth looks like to me? Would I really buy cars, and pools and houses? Or have I adopted a view of wealth and money that is not my own? This made me determine to discover what I believe success in wealth for me personally looks like.
Discover your own idea of success with wealth by answering these questions. What does wealth look like for me personally? When will I feel like I have enough? What does this look like in my life? What would you have if you “have wealth”? Write it down.

Find the ways in your life you are already living this. Anything else is living in a “if this, then I will be happy” scenario, which only further pushes away your vision of what successful wealth looks like.

In order to have true wealth, you don’t necessarily want MONEY,and the concept and frequency that comes with money (and all it’s dangers), you’re looking for the image of CASH FLOW. In order to have true wealth that is useable, it’s being able to spend cash as you need it. It flows to you and it flows from you and flows to you again. 

And a mantra: I have all the money I can use.

For some, it’s not even the frustration over the lack of money, which we often attribute it to. For many, it is not looking for more, but looking for MOMENTUM of what we’ve already created. Often the struggle with money isn’t so much because we don’t have our needs met, or that we don’t have enough money. It is indicative of a deeper issue, which is the feeling of frustration that what we are doing is not working, our fear that we’re not on the right track, or that we’re not in alignment, from which all things flow. The difference between these concepts is vast and you should be aware of which it truly is for you.
If your needs are met and you truly are not in financial need, it is likely the latter, and this means you are missing something, missing joy in your life. So the solution becomes meditations of connection, of focusing on being in alignment. It takes then acting in alignment during all actions of your day, and it means your daily, minute to minute goal is to do whatever is the option that brings joy. Focusing on the satisfaction and feeling of JOY comes from the outward giving of one’s own gifts. This may be why you are currently experiencing lack of financial flow...because you are not truly aligned with giving joy, doing or giving service out of love, or that you’re giving the wrong service(probably based on false concepts about how wealthy that service should be, or the false ideas you have about it. Some common ones are: staying in a job for the benefits, or because you have loans to pay back, or because you have student loans).

Often times, what we think is frustration over money lack is really an indicator that we are frustrated with how we are spending our lives. It is time to look at how you WANT to spend the days of your life. What things do you want to be doing that you aren’t currently doing? Why not?

Ultimately, again, you can see it comes down to a FEELING of satisfaction or not. Spend the majority of your time doing things that leave you feeling satisfied. The things then that currently you feel need to be done will feel less unsatisfying, and will probably phase themselves out over time and commitment to your efforts.

What are you currently doing with your day?
What else is it that you wish you were doing instead?
Why aren’t you?
Is that true(the reasons you are not doing it)?
Is it really true(sometimes we let victimization creep in)?

Here’s an exercise that can help with this:
It might help you to write down from morning to night, everything that you do.
Then, circle each thing that you don’t enjoy, that does not bring a feeling of goodness, usefulness, satisfaction.
Highlight the things that do.
For all that you circled, give yourself the permission to let yourself think of what you wish you were doing instead. Write a new schedule of your day including these things, and planning adaptations for who will do the things you circled. Cross them off when complete.

For example, a sample start to writing out your day:

Wake up
I tend right to tending to all the needs of everyone else: children, breakfast, dogs,
( and I don’t like this. If I truly am the one that needs to be responsible for this, I could organize it differently by making breakfast at night, and the kids grab it and heat it for themselves. I could wake up earlier to do what I want to do so that I can be ready to handle these needs when it’s time. )

I can also look at that truth or untruth: is it true that I am the only one who can be responsible for this. If it is, look for the ways you can adapt by doing it differently. If not, decide to engage others that can and probably should share some burden of responsibility. Some of this is about placing proper responsibility on the responsible parties. Some of it is delegating and asking for help, some of it is false concepts of duty.

Then, I identify what it is I want to be doing instead:

What I would rather be doing is time to meditate, study, work out, go outside for a run.
(I might need to learn to be open to possibilities of how I can meet my needs, joys, and satisfactions. It’s about making myself important also. This is not being selfish. I could hire a babysitter to come for the first hour of the day. I could employ the teenagers. I could ask my husband if he can adjust his work schedule. If it must be up to me, I can employ other ways of accomplishing it until I can get to a place and time in the day to get to these things.)

Do you see how what started out as a belief of lack of money and believing the problems lie in having MORE, it was actually about a feeling of true wealth in life, that the life was really just not lived happily and full, and that feeling of SATISFACTION. Once we’ve felt dissatisfied long enough, it can be difficult to feel like we can get there. To get yourself into a vibration of satisfaction, remember and replay a time when you felt fully satisfied. Bask in it’s light in your memory again. The more we spend feeling involved in a vibration of satisfaction, the more it will feel like things flow.
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