Don't Know What You're Working For?

Don't Know What You're Working For?

One of the most interesting and common things I work with on the concept and counseling side of natural health is how often I work with people on their sense of self, purpose and self worth.  

It is very interesting to me the number of 30, 40, 50 and up year olds don't feel like they have a good handle on who it is they are, what they stand for and what their purpose is. 

I think often times, the product of possibly our upbringing, the concepts of our childhood, and values placed on us by society have created "people pleasers" that know less about who they are and what they're good at, and more on how to fit in to what society says it's needs are, or what people expect us to be.  Sound familiar?  Sadly, it sounds all too familiar to quite a few people.

One of the best ways you can open up to re discovering who it is you are is to re-establish the creativity within you.  Whenever I say creativity, people assume that must mean art. While that IS one avenue of creativity, it can be anything where creation happens:  music, composition, writing, singing, drawing, sculpture, architecture, creating stories, developing processes, engineering, configurations and equations, ideas and business development.  Creating is simple bringing forth into existence something which wasn't there before.  

We are ALL creative beings.  Like it or not in every action, word and thought in every moment we are creating our days, creating our lives.  When this is done through the subliminal messaging of subconscious learning constructs, deeply embedded in our brains from something we learned previously, these constructs could be working for us or against us.  What is valuable is to determine if what you are subliminally creating is working to bring you TOWARDS what you want or keeping you in the dark.

I created a simple exercise to work with people on and often times, we would spend time coloring while we were talking to identify the problem, and simply to free up creativity.  I put this exercise into a form you can do in the comfort of your own home and it's available to you in our Full Access product page free for this week and always for those with memberships

 Color Away Activity

 An exercise on the self and how you feel about your accomplishments as identified by a simple coloring exercise. This exercise opens yourself up to creative play again, something you may have shut off as you have grown up and away. When we prevent our creativity, we unknowingly limit everything else we could be trying to create in our lives. Creativity and even small activities to remember our creativity is important when we are trying to become aware of our BEING.

Secondly, this exercise gives a tiny glimpse into the understanding of your sense of value and worth, and being content with your BEINGNESS.

This exercise is good for anyone on the purpose pathway, or trying to regain a footing in the confidence of who they are. It is also good for anyone looking to see if they are doing what they love or take an honest look to see if they are doing what they do for acclimades and kudos.

Keep in mind this is a TINY step towards reclaiming your identity and finding your work-love life.  But it can be done again and again just to retrain the mind to start producing what it feels is coming from the core of you.

It is only through the value of your giving of your true understanding of yourself that you will feel connected to who you are and what you have to offer the world.

Happy and healthy blessings to you!



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