How Do You Create What Comes Next?

How Do You Create What Comes Next?

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Despite common opinion, I do not believe life is about going to school, sit behind a desk, graduating, going to college, and then finding a job where you will spend your days sitting behind another desk, collecting a paycheck and punching a timecard up until your retirement where you receive the gold watch.  No, I believe it’s something more than that.  In fact, I don't believe I am alone in that opinion as you see more and more people learning and working to "create a life of their choosing".  

So how do you do that, while you work to get out of the conventional box that you might feel you MUST be part of for the time being?

How do you create what comes next?


I believe life is really about finding out what you love to do, and then making a living off of it.  Sometimes, that does mean being in a job, or a few jobs so you can find out what you really like and what you don’t.  This worksheet will help you use your life experiences to compile information about yourself that is truthful and will help you identify how you can capture the greatness just waiting to be unleashed within you, and share that out into the world, creating a better world for others and more abundance and happiness for you!

I also believe that answering the internal desire for change, or to experience greater is an indication that the soul self is ready for expansion.  How do you know which inspiration to follow, when the urge expresses itself?  Simple.  If the option is borne of the feeling of frustration(or any other lower vibration emotion), then it is typically NOT an aligned opportunity, just a "way out".  If it is an aligned opportunity, meaning in alignment with your highest self and your purpose, it will simply come from inspiration. It still may feel slightly scary, but there is excitement alongside it. 

Know thyself

You’ll need some paper and a pencil.  I want you to sit down when you have some time to get absorbed in your thoughts and answer the questions listed below.  When you are finished, don’t question it, it is just truth you have shown yourself. Now you can write an image based on these truths for the kind of career you are desiring.  Think outside the box! It doesn’t have to be what you’ve believed it to always look like. Make sure not to skip any questions. They are for your benefit!

The Questions

  1. What did you love to do as a child?
  2. Ask family members that were with you as a child, what you spent your time doing.
  3. What were your favorite classes in school?
  4. What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?
  5. What did others think you were going to do?
  6. What natural skills and abilities do you feel you have?
  7. List the first 5 experiences of your life that you can think of.  They can be good, bad, and have nothing to do with career. Just 5 stories that come to mind, write them down.
  8. Write a timeline of your life listing major events, like birth, graduation, include the 5 stories listed above up until present day.
  9. List all of the jobs you can think of that you have had going backwards from present until the first job you ever had.  Create two lists: one that lists what you liked about the job, the other that lists what you didn’t.
  10. If you had an hour free right now and all your responsibilities were taken care of, what would you do?
  11. How do you see your future?  What do you want your retirement to look like?
  12. What kind of possibilities have presented themselves as you have grown through your life that you might not have considered before, but now might?

The Analysis

With the answers from the first 5 questions, place them all in a list, and title it “possibilities”.  After you have done that, at first glance, cross off the ones that make you feel like you know that you could not possibly do that profession, at least not in the way you know it to be.

In the next column, name the heading “abilities”.  List all the items you named in #6, then ask others to add to it.  This just gives you a good idea of what your naturally inclined abilities are.   Typically our greatness will come from things that we are naturally good at. This does not mean that you can’t learn something new if your passion requires it.

Analyze question #7 by asking yourself what you learned from each experience.  Ask how others could learn from what you experienced. Ask yourself how you could teach this to others or what you could do to help someone else in a similar situation.

Analyze #8 similarly.  Ask yourself what each experience taught you, good and bad.  Ask yourself what concepts this experience taught you about yourself, about others, about the situation.  Ask yourself if you want to keep those concepts or ideas. Cross off the ones you want to lose, that don’t serve you.

Add the answers to #10 into the “possibilities” section.  

#11 is your image for your future.  Having an image is like placing an order with God or the Universe.  When you make decisions, and you know what you want in the future, you make decisions based on what gets you closer to your image.

Now write an image for how you want your days to look, what do you want your integrated work/career and lifestyle to look like.  Include what time you want to wake up, go to bed, when you want to work, how long, indoors or outdoors, with people, a group, or solitary, and how much money you want to make.  Look back on #9 to help you create this image, excluding all the things you disliked about your past jobs.

Keep these two images in a prominent place, so you can look at them repeatedly.  When you need to make decisions, you only make your choices with these images in mind, choosing whichever gets you closer.

Now take all of your “possibilities” and one by one, be imaginative, do not doubt your imagination, just pretend like you are writing a book or creating a movie, and create how that possibility could fit the two images you created.  For example, let’s say sports writer was a possibility. Pretend like you already ARE that career, and write down the specifics from your image. “I work indoors at my beautiful office in the Twins Field Stadium. I work side by side with 3 others in the large office with big windows.  I go to work at 8, I leave work at 4. This whole time, I’m interviewing baseball stars and writing about them. I compile this into a book.” or maybe this fits your image: “I work from home in my cabin in the woods in the solitary peace and quiet. I do this in the evenings from 4-10 so that I can be with my children during the day.  During my work time, I go to high school games and interview the players, potential candidates for college teams, and I submit this to my newspaper (or my personal youtube channel, or e-magazine for subscriptions, or I have my own channel that I record my own episodes).

Imagination and thought is what creates a life of your choosing.  The trick is to be open to the possibility! The more creative and visual you can get, the more you can see the possibility happening.  Now, you can easily choose one that seems like it makes you the happiest and is the best way for you to let your Greatness leak out into the world.  Start with something, it can always change as you go on.

Now go to the Wealth Concept Quiz to identify your concepts about abundance and what could be holding you back.

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