The Avatar Business Presence

The Avatar Business Presence

What exciting times we get to live through right now! Not only do we have the ability of information at our fingertips at lightning speed, but we are moving into an energy system and infrastructure where we can literally create a projection of our business just as we want it . And even more so we can create it to fit the context of our whole life. Meaning, we get to design our lives as we want them. Less and less do we have to be dictated by a boss, a timeclock, and a salary that all regulate our lives for us.
It takes bravery however. It takes curiosity, and education, and a lot of self driven ambition.
Life in the bsiness world as we know it has been changing and is poised to change even more. Those that are successful with it have stepped out of their comfort zones, been willing to release old mentalities and thought processes and have opend themselves up to what’s working now.
I’ll spare you the energetic reasons why all of this is happening, but I will give you a glimpse of the image of what’s actually happening.
We are moving into an age of what we'll simply call The Virtual Business World. In this world, much is done outside of us, across time and distance and behind our backs. We merely set the frameworks and the vehicle for which this can run smoothly. This goes far beyond simply adding a web site and putting your business “on the web” as addition to your services or so customers can find you. Rather, it IS becoming the very business.
Working from home is becoming a more and more viable option and not only to “break even” on expenses but as a way to really be blessed with financial abundance and financial freedom.
Where we have been used to having a storefront and customers that we can shake hands with directly, shelves that have to be stocked, orders that have to be placed, and product literally running through our hands, what we are creating now is a literal projection of the idea that is is our heads.
Let me explain. Where in the past we had the store front as I mentioned before, or the office, the clinic, the building, etc. In our minds, we still have that visual, we just don’t have it physically. By creating a virtual world, we are creating a projection of what is in our minds, out into the world and into existence even though the PHYSICAL structure doesn’t exist. The IDEA is what exists and if you create the idea believably it APPEARS to exist to our customers. And they don’t know any different. Instead of walking into the store or the physical location, they are virtually entering your store that you created as if it were a real thing. And it IS a real thing. Product is really moved and money is really made, only the
energy of YOU doing all the work has been replaced with the energy of SOMETHING ELSE doing all the work.
The avatar presence sounds like something out of a sci fi novel, when in essence what it is is YOU in hologram. Thinkof those science fiction movies where they could take a hologram projection and project an image that made it look like the person was really standing there. In the Virtual World, not only are you creating a projection of the image in your mind so that it can be “out there” and working for you, your avatar presence is your personality, your essence, the “human” behind the machine, only instead of people walking in for a handshake, they get to know you through the personality you projected through your virtual world.
Now, some might say that this just removes us farther and farther from human contact and a simplistic world, however think about this. Because of the presence you project as reality and the energy exchange that is taking your place in work, you now have less time you need to spend on the job, and more time to do the things you really want to do. You can relax a bit because you don’t need to spend every wakibg hour working. Many have found that the Virtual World and The avatar presence is changing their lives and letting them move into the person they more want to be.
Why does all this matter and how is it relevant to you? Because more and more people are wanting freedom, the ability to create their own lives, to decide how they’re going to spend their time. Many feel as if the very infrastructure of our ‘SYSTEMS’ are corrupt and faulty. I believe that is true seeing how the old hierarchical model doesn’t allow the poor or middle class upper mobility, not to mention how this hierarchcy is dominating in attitude and does nothing for the esteem of each individual.
The most important of these changes is not just the mere “attitude” in which it affects us, but that these changes allow for what is real and necessary: the real truth that each individual comes into this world with a soul mission, purpose, and plan of it’s follow through. The hierarchical, 3d masculine model has largely prevented us from this purpose happening for each of us, because of its dominating nature. The new order brings with it the knowledge that each individual COMES WITH their own GREATNESS and once this greatness is discovered, simply through identifying likes, interests, values and desires, each person is happier and a better contributing member of society.
Out from under the big giant thumb.
Its not uncommon for me to hear business owners complain how hard it is to find decent employees. “They don’t want to work!” I hear. “They don’t have a hard work ethic”, “This generation has no respect for authority”. These are all common statements of frustration I hear. And as is true in any other part of our life, instead of adapting to what IS, solutions are not formed but complained about and the situation progressively worsens.
Here is what I think is happening. I believe many of the new generations are more enlightened, more energetic, more in tune with the soul rather than the old concepts of 3d realities. I think the hierarchical system is intended to corrode and make way for new intellect and creation and these are the people to do it. I think these generations DO have a healthy respect, but they are also wanting respect for the value with which they bring. I think these are the people that are going to create change in the world. They don’t want to live in” status quo” They want a life.

If you KNOW you want to move forward on this, find a guru, find a mentor, or sign up for my T.I.O.N. program, which is a discovery of an idea  in which you can productize and monetize to present yourself in this avatar business world. 

You might take this exercise, Impetus for Change, (free download this week and always for student members) and use it to see if there's reality in the changes you are hoping will come by staying with your current situation.  While this exercise can be adapted and used for relationships, business, etc, it is especially useful to help you determine if change is likely, or if you will likely find yourself in the same place years down the road.  It may just be time for you to find your GREATNESS WITHIN, those gifts that make you unique, and share them out into the world in a way that makes you love your life!

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