Wealth Concept Quiz and Daily Patterns of Success

Wealth Concept Quiz and Daily Patterns of Success

Wealth Concept Quiz and Daily Patterns of Success

Understand your patterns of thinking, and your subconscious beliefs with the following quiz.  Then, use the steps following to create a tracking system, a “Flight Plan” for your success.

Mark True or False next to each statement

I see myself as separate, and don’t like to work with a team.

I find myself creating more debt each month.

I never seem to get ahead.

I feel abused by the system.

I feel like I am a good person, but others seem to have more than me.

Bills just keep coming and I don’t have a way to pay them

I don’t have extra money at the end of the paycheck.

I am living paycheck to paycheck.

These are evident of a “victim wealth personality”

You can change this by changing your concepts.  Rewrite each concept to be the opposite of what you have been telling and believing about yourself.  Taking action, you can start paying yourself first. Either come up with a wealth plan on your own, or work with a financial advisor to help you decide how much you need to save each month.

I make just enough to get by

I never get ahead

Something always seems to come up

No matter what I do, I feel like I’m running on a treadmill, going nowhere.

I have good ideas, but they don’t seem to go anywhere.

I trust myself to build on my ideas.

I don’t feel like I can trust myself to build on my ideas, because I am responsible for the family’s income.

I make all the income for myself and my family by myself.

I believe in working hard is the way to make money.

I would like to work once, and multiply it.

I would like to work hard and earn my keep.

I don’t know how to multiply my income.

I don’t understand investments.

I don’t know how to make my business efforts work for me.

I feel most comfortable working for someone else.

I feel most comfortable working for myself.

I am creative with business ideas.

I am a great leader.

I am best as a follower.

I am a wealth creator.

I create my own life.

I love money.

I understand the concepts of abundance.

It is easy for me to earn money.

I know what is good debt and what is not.

I believe all good things come to me.

I believe life is easy.

Making money is fun.

My work is fun.

Sometimes it’s the concepts behind your daily actions that prevent you from wealth and abundance.  Look over the concepts listed above, which are meant to help you see, directly in front of you, what you believe about money.  You may need to change some of those ideas around so you can change your mind to a wealth mentality. Look at each statement, whether you marked it as True or False.  Decide that no matter how you marked it, you get to decide if you want to continue to believe that concept. For those that don’t fit with you any longer, turn them around, change the wording to what suits you, or cross them off all together.

Here are some steps to take:

  1. Develop your future image
  2. Set a flight plan, with milestones to reach
  3. Write specific steps to help you reach your image, steps that stretch you but don’t break you.
  4. I have set my environments for success in reaching my goals.  I have the resources and tools necessary to succeed.
  5. A list of contacts of people on the same wavelength to keep you in flow with community of those that can help you
  6. A list of activities that I can do daily that keep me impassioned and feeling inspired.
  7. A budget and review system that allows me to know where I am financially at all times.
  8. Where do I want to be a year from now, what do all levels of my life look like?

Instructions: Take an hour of your time. Sit in a space that inspires you and where you won’t be disturbed. Now imagine yourself one year from today.

Imagine you have achieved the things that would make the year a success. This doesn’t mean achieving all your life goals in one year! It means having taken manageable steps that stretch you but don’t break you. In all areas of your life, what improvements will have taken place that will make the year a success in your eyes?

Begin with the date in a year’s time, and write your journal entry. Begin each new paragraph with the prompts I’ve given. Add extra paragraphs to include other important areas of your life that you think about. Share your achievements and highlights of the year. Be as specific as you can, and share the story of how you got from where you are today to where you will be.


I am so grateful for the last year. In the last year I have…

My personal cash flow...

My assets...

My time...

My job / business...

My mentors...

My team...

My customers...

My partners...

My health...

My family & friends...

My passions & pastimes...

My contribution...

My next year...

Staying on Track:

Once you have a  flight path for the year with personal and financial goals to reach my image and have considered what your life will look like a year from now that will make you feel like the year was a success, it is now to time to develop a daily weekly and monthly rhythm that helps you to reach your goals, and keep you  on path, and prioritize where you spend your time and efforts each day.

In addition, consider who can you choose to ask as a mentor to support you?  Which family and friends can you talk with along the way to support you?

  1. What time have you set for your daily review? Set a time every day, for 15 minutes, when you can check in on your Future Vision, Flight Path and your pre-flight check list. Ask yourself whether you are on track or not, and what actions are top priority to keep you on track. This should be the part of the day when you are at your highest level of energy. Either first thing in the morning, last thing at night or before a meal.
  2. What time have you set for your weekly review?  Set a time every week, for 30 minutes, when you can review your last week, and preview your coming week. You can do this on your own, with your journal, with a partner or mentor, etc.

Ask yourself what your greatest achievement and greatest challenge of the last week was, and how these related to your flight path. Ask yourself what your ‘future self’ that has achieved your Future VIsion would think and feel about these. Plan what your achievement and highlight will be in the coming week to move you closest to your flight path.

  1. What time have you set for your monthly review?  Set a time every week, for 60 minutes, when you can review your last month and preview your coming month. These times every day, week and month are your time to review and renew. Without these, your life will feel like a swimmer who isn’t coming up for air. These are your times to breathe, gain perspective and create clear intentions.

In your monthly session, be with your mentor and/or partner, and review the pre-flight checklist. Review the steps you have taken. What progress have you made? What challenges have you faced? What milestones do you commit to for the coming month. We overestimate what we can achieve in a day, but underestimate what we can achieve in a year. Provided we are constantly checking in on our progress and making adjustments as we go.

Choose a day of the week that you will commit to monthly, like the last Monday or the last Saturday of the month, and choose a time that you know is easy to commit to. Book the days in your calendar one year in advance, and share this with your mentor and/or partner.

Please use the genius and resources at www.geniusu.com for more information on your own wealth pathway.

They have also compiled a list of resources to help you on your path:

The Success Principles, How to Get from Where you Are to Where you Want to Be -http://amzn.to/19187AG Written by Jack Canfield, this tackles the challenges we face and how to overcome them when designing our future.

The Complete Vision Board Kit - http://amzn.to/1cMkl49 Written by John Assaraf, this is a complete how-to on bringing your Future Vision to life

Mind Movies - http://www.mindmovies.com Created by Natalie & Glen Ledwell, Mind Movies turns your Future Vision into a Video Vision Board. Used by over a million people around the world

Things to do next:

Create an image with help from this Ebook:  “I Am Success”.

Study our Career and Purpose Education Course

Request to learn the plan that uses the principles of the Law of Abundance, to help you pay off debt, attract wealth, and plan for your future.

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