Working with Clients Who Feel Anxiety

Whenever I'm working with someone, we also have to look at the very real aspects of all of the dimensions in their life.  More and more common have we had to consider mental and emotional health, particularly the pervasive disruption of anxiety. 

For a person to heal well physically, they have to feel satisfaction in all areas of their life, and this isn't going to happen if they feel stressed and anxious.  Everything you are doing physically will be nothing in comparison to what the BODY is doing in order to manage the anxiety it feels.  We want all of the body to work together and that means dealing with feelings of anxiety.

Many practitioners I know are super uncomfortable with this idea, I know, because of the feeling that " we don't know what to do", or "nothing really works", or perhaps because of how clients CLING to their diagnosis as if they have no hope of recovery.  Either way, it's important to understand anxiety at its intention to learn how to best help your clients.  

The students I work with become well versed in practicing the material in "UnBound:  Kicking Anxiety From Your Bucket List" and I would suggest its use to you as well.  

Katie and the Anxiety Monster

Katie had the opportunity of a lifetime.  One she believed would advance her career, make her better at her job, and grow her soul exponentially.  When she put in a request for time off and was denied however, a multitude of feelings were present. Injustice, anger, defense, depression, exhaustion, hopelessness, helplessness, lack of power over her own life.  Katie had been thinking about seeking out other opportunities for a long time, but this hit the nail on the head.

We talked about how her boss failed her in all the right ways; ways that made her move towards the next growth step for her.  It made her shift out of her comfort box. Comfort boxes are the most dangerous places to live because of their ability to halt personal growth.   Moving out of her comfort box meant she would face new challenges, but also new levels of evolution.

We also talked about the anxiety monster she was now feeling every day she went to work, which was comprised of her feelings of lack of support, anger at the decision, and the unjust way her boss went about the decision.   All that she was feeling wasn’t identified as individual feelings and handled accordingly. Instead, the formed this giant what I call “Anxiety Monster” that we run from and are scared of, seeing it as something outside of ourselves.  In reality, an anxiety monster is just an immature feeling. It is a toddler having a temper tantrum, because it is based in emotion. Think of any toddler who doesn’t have the skills developed yet to handle the anger he feels when you say “no” to the cookie.  An Anxiety Monster HAS to throw a temper tantrum and wreak havoc in your life, because it’s the only way it knows to get attention for its uncomfortable feelings. It’s the little you, the child inside of you that also wants to react out its feelings, because it hurts and they’re hard.  Think about any child that’s acting out. It’s actually when they need love the most. They need comfort and the “ok’s” that come from a soothing parent. Which is what you are now to your inner child. Let the anxiety monster sit on your lap and hug it. Give it the soothing it needs to understand that yes, your feelings suck.  Yes, that situation was awful. But then know that there is a lesson to be learned. Ask how you can grow from what you just experienced. The anxiety monster will go lie back down.


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