How to Identify Limiting Concepts Through Self Conversations

How to Identify Limiting Concepts Through Self Conversations

Discover Limiting Concepts Through Self Conversation

I had once heard that if you listen long enough people will tell you what they need.  As a natural health practitioner, that sure took the dumbfounded look off of my face. How great!  People were just going to tell me what was going to heal them! While it’s a little more involved than that, I did learn the value of listening to what people had to say, rather than to think I had all of the answers.  

You know your body.  Doctors and healers would be wise to listen to your thoughts on it.  After all it is my belief that we should be empowering and encouraging people to listen to their own intuition, their own instincts about themselves and their needs.  In my opinion, it is a gross mistake to train people OUT of knowing what to do for themselves.

In this exercise,  we focus your intentions to do just that…to listen to yourself and identify the theme, the problem  at hand.

Sometimes people have a hard time picking up on what they truly want, or what they are really saying.  OR, they are identifying the wrong problem, and most often, they certainly aren’t identifying the ROOT problem, just simply due to censoring themselves based on expectations.

 How many times do we pay attention to what we say?  Maybe we need to have conversations with ourselves!

Use these prompt questions to help you complete the exercises “Do you hear what you’re saying when you talk to yourself? And , “What are you saying for the world to hear?” These exercise will help you identify the root problem that will get you started.

The questions

Use any as a conversation starter, that help you identify “What are you saying when you talk to yourself” and “What are you saying for the world to hear” 

Why?  The questions prompt a "problem to solve", which is what it was made to do.  In this mind are the conscious memories.  These are the things that we are aware of that other us, even if we don't know where they are coming from.  the subconscious mind stores experiences that generate and record concepts that are ultimately what we make our decisions off of and base our actions on.  the key is to identify the "problem" that we want solved (the theme) and heal the limiting concepts that come with it. 

1.  If this one thing would change, my life would be better.

 2.  What do I say to myself all the time?
 3. What is the one thing that everything in my life gets blamed on?
 4. Who do I complain about and why?
 5.What did I say to myself or out loud when I woke up this morning?
 6. What was I thinking when I got up this morning?
 7. What do I feel about children?
 8. What do I feel about money?
 9. What do I feel about the people in my life?
 10. Who in my life causes me strife?
11.  What do I think about politics?
 12. Who is someone I cannot forgive?
 13. I am so ashamed, hurt, angry, regretful that I did this…
 14. The one thing in my life I wish I could take back…
 15. The one thing in my life I wish I could change…

"If you haven't found the right answer, perhaps it is because you are asking the wrong question."


Once you've been alert to what you are saying to yourselves (a.k.a the messages your cells are hearing) you can decide if they work for you.  Are they REALLY what you want to think, believe, and act on?  Think only on the thoughts that bring you to where you want to be.  

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