Rewriting the Script Tool

Rewriting the Script Tool

Rewriting the Script

As we go through concept work, there are certainly identifiable events or situations that did not work out how we would have liked them to and certainly, limiting concepts may have been created from them.

One key to changing this is of course identifying the limiting concepts that were created and change them to more empowering ones. 

One very healing exercise is to take the story through a process of healing.

  1. Look at the story and let it play out as you remember it.  Allow your body to feel exactly what it does. Honor yourself for what you went through without judgement.
  2. Now, separate the story from yourself, by seeing it play out in front of you like a movie on a screen.  See it happening NOT to yourself but to a random person. Now VISUALLY take the “movie” out of the player and BREAK IT.  Watch yourself do this and put in a new one.
  3. On this new rewritable disk, you can see the scene playing out in front of you again, however, this time it’s like those old books in school where you could write your own ending.  As the story is playing out, change it to change your reaction, or how you handled it differently.
  4. Now, VISUALLY take out the NEW movie.  And put it back on the shelf, with any title you wish to give it.  Whenever the harmful, fearful, scary memory from the previous threatens you, watch yourself actively take the movie down from the shelf in your mind, put it in the player, and watch it on the screen again.
  5. You can do this any number of times until this is the memory you are left with.
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