And The Winner Is:  The Search is On For the DrFoodie Fan Favorite Golden Fork Recipient

And The Winner Is: The Search is On For the DrFoodie Fan Favorite Golden Fork Recipient

DrFoodie diligently reviews restaurants, helping health seekers and the dietary restricted find healthy, safe, and delicious options.  It may be for the family who wants to feed their family healthy options when they take them for a dinner out, or a celiac who's suffered the all too familiar understanding that "going out to eat" is a thing of the past, just because it's too difficult to find good food that you know you'll be safe with.  It could be that you care about health and don't want to be blasted with the typical conventional heart attack on a bun.  You may be a health seeker, but have friends that aren't.  How do you navigate dinners together at restaurants with limited option.  Do you stop going out with friends?  Or eat elsewhere before you go?

Any way you slice it, DrFoodie works to help restaurants set the bar, so if you have a favorite, we want to know about it!

We're looking for restaurants that:

*  Have a great atmosphere

*  Have ease and creativity, availability and knowledge of adaptations and options for dietary restrictions

*  Have great servers, with a knowledge of allergen service, and helpful meal planners to keep their customers safe

*  Is a restaurant where management has obviously planned for the dietary restricted

*  Have tasty, healthy, quality fresh food, make legitimate efforts to offer healthy options

*  Don't offer gluten free options as an aside, but as an included effort to their meal service

*  Creativity and flexibility ,with entrees

You've read the foodie reviews, not it's your turn to pipe in!

We're looking for the fan favorite restaurant for our October Foodie Reviews.  

1.  Read the reviews of the Top 2 Establishments we've narrowed it down to for the Month of October

              Granite City Food and Brewery

               Noodles and Company


2.  Post your vote in the comments below, or by emailing your choice to, which of the Top 2 should win the DrFoodie Golden Fork aware for the month of October and why it's your fan favorite.  (By all means, go try them for yourselves!)

3.  Winner will receive a congratulations letter and a window cling so they can shout their victory to the world!

4.  Optional:  Post a restaurant that HASN'T been reviewed but you WOULD LIKE to have the opportunity for a review in the future, and the chance at winning the DrFoodie Golden Fork Award 




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I would love to see a review of P.F. Chang’s. Don’t know if there is any near you, but there is one in Maple Grove. We discovered that their gluten free lettuce wraps are better than their already super delicious regular ones! I had everyone drooling over mine… :) The gluten free menu was great as well, I thought.

As far as a vote, I vote Noodles and Co from your list. I haven’t been to the other place, but it sounds good!


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