Extreme Pita - St. Cloud

Extreme Pita - St. Cloud

It's always interesting to me to witness the dynamic that occurs in large operations.  

At the St. Cloud mall the other day I took the time to witness and really pay attention to the choices of my fellow patrons , and, too, the business owners.

It seems interesting to me to note that in a thoroughly consumeristic experience like a mall, one can easily see that the choices are made to entice consumers by appealing to supply exactly what they will buy.  There is no conscientious decision here other than of course providing what will sell.  And customers are perfectly happy with that because it is what is conventional, normal.   Do any of them realize they are being led?  They think they are making choices where they aren't?  Simply following the guidance of majority?  

The experience is no different in the food court.  Whatever is tastiest, cost competitive, and quickest seems to be the going fare.  It takes a real risk on the part of a business owner to stand for his values and open something that may be outside of status quo...and those are just the people we want to seek out.  

Extreme Pita is just such a place....and at least for the, it's working.  And it should.  My experience with them was gratifying and oh so satisfying.  What a great group of people!  They not only do their jobs, but I could tell in the short conversation and my observation of them that they believe in what they are selling.  The man I spoke to as he was serving it up said that people have been wanting what they are selling.  As we spoke about people wanting to choose options that suited their bodies better, healthier and more sustainable, and having a purpose in their body, other customers in line were nodding agreement, emphatically I might add.  We talked quickly and briefly of being a parent wanting to feed their child something quick, affordable, but also healthy options and that was a real struggle with the rest of the food court options.  We talked about having a long busy day at the mall, but then there being very limited options for those of us that are health conscious, and think of the employees of the mall!  The options are few and far between.

Not only does Extreme Pita offer fresh vegetables, but they can make any of their pitas into salads, make them grain or gluten free.  They also have real smoothies, made from real ingredients, not just syrupy sweet fruit lookalike concoctions.  They are not only fruit, but the greens and proteins the health conscious are looking for.   We chose "spinango" and it was delicious...approved by the little man!

I LOVE that it's not just another salad option.  The entrees are flavorful and you can feel good knowing what you are eating.  

Not only are they a fantastic option for those that CHOOSE healthy options, but they are flavorful and a changeup for those that are just looking for taste.  It's an option outside of grease and pizza and we like that!

Thumbs up for great customer service, for caring about what you are selling, for wanting better for our world,  we recognize Extreme Pita - St. Cloud!

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