The Pickled Loon - St. Cloud, MN

If you're looking for a meal with options in the downtown St. Cloud area, might I suggest The Pickled Loon?

The Pickled Loon was requested as a review by followers, and so on a day with the sun shining bright, we drove downtown St. Cloud.  Nestled in among the other brick buildings downtown with a patio dining set up out front, we didn't know what to expect.  With the same outward appearance as typical downtown old building bars, we expected much like the experience of historical reviews....burgers and fries, with the option of a side salad as it's "health food". 

However, I have learned to not judge a bar by its cover, and that sometimes the seemingly least likely place to find enlightened food, you might just be surprised.  And we were.  

A first look at the menu and we knew there would be some interesting flavor options in front of us.  It helped that immediately in looking at the menu were the traditional code letters "V" and "GF", easily identifiable next to the options, and there were many!  Instead of just looking for SOMETHING I would be able to eat, I prepared to make a DECISION over WHICH I wanted to try.  Love that feeling, as many of you conscious eaters or diet-restricted can also attest.

My husband opted for the Pad Thai, and I chose the Pesto Portabello Tacos.  Ummm...yum!  So simple, but a perfect blend of complex flavors in 2 forms (the pesto and the carmelized onion sauce) combined with the simplicity of the portabellos and crisp cold romaine was a perfect combination.

The atmosphere was un-hurried and accepting, the sun shining on the makeshift patio over the downtown culture, and the confidence of the menu are the perfect ingredients for me to recommend with pleasure that you take your diverse belly to explore simple ingredients in sophisticated style at the Pickled Loon.  Bon Appetit!

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