Which Wich - Maple Grove, MN

Which Wich - Maple Grove, MN

What fun!

The owners of Which Wich in Maple Grove, MN sure had fun developing this concept deli!

On a recent trip to Wisconsin, we were passing through the Cities and looking for something fresh, healthy obviously, and if it was sandwiches which could please the entire group, it also had to have gluten free options.  While it did not have gluten free bread (which is find, we all eat WAY too many bread carbs anyway), it did have the option of turning any meal into a lettuce-wich or salad. 

It definitely had the "fast food" look, as you can see, but I can't get over the fun atmosphere, and it's effects definitely catered to people's preferences.  No more worrying they won't get your order right and you have to double check it before you hop back on the road.  With their whimsical custom ordering system, they've completely side stepped that problem.  

Which Wich

Who doesn't like getting what they want?  You simply grab the brown paper bag that already has the list of options that come with that particular option.  You check off what you want and take it up to the counter, where they prepare it.  It was fun, the kids loved it, and it felt like a breath of fresh air.

Which Wich in Maple Grove

Of course, I'm taking note of all the efforts they are making to move along the image of a healthier environment with their biodegradable bowls and sandwich bag wraps.  I'm noticing the attempts towards offering real food, while pleasing any palate.  I was pleased to see vegetarian options, even wraps with black beans and hummus.  

They even go the extra mile in many ways, looking to create a positive experience for all who come in, with a special lower counter for kids to place their own orders, a sticker sheet attached to their healthy meal tray (which includes FRESH apples, not pre-processed and bagged, and carrots).

Which Wich, sandwich shops, fast healthy food

Guest "sandwich bag artists" have their art hanging on the wire string clips on the walls.  (You might even see a little DrFoodie art...move over Picasso)

Which Wich

Ok, but enough about the cute whimsy... the food.  Yum.  Simple, fresh and real.  Great combinations and multiple options to take an ordinary sandwich, wrap or salad, and make it your own.  

Way to go, creators of Which Wich.  If they are new to you, as they were to me, take a trip, and let me know what you think!


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