15 Questions to Ask When Your Life Needs a "Re-do"

15 Questions to Ask When Your Life Needs a "Re-do"

when your life needs a redo

I remember the day my 5 month old baby taught me an important lesson.  He showed me that I am not helpless!  I am entirely responsible for my life. He woke from a nap and not seeing anyone there immediately, he started crying.  I went to get him and found him on his back with big tears coming out of his eyes. He forgot that he could roll over, and find the nuk for himself, but in his distraught state, he couldn’t remember that!

Isn’t this true of so many of us?  We forget that we have all the power to change things.  We attach to our emotional state, which cuts us off from our powers of thought and intention.  In our misery, we stay flat on our backs with that which we desire an inch away from us, believing we are completely helpless. What is it we want??? Most of us know what we DON’T want, but it seems difficult to define what it is we do want.  More likely, it is because we don’t give ourselves permission to dream big anymore. As children, everything was a possibility, and we used that possible imagination. Somehow as we become adults, we start letting our “logic” control us and now not so many things seem as possible.  This is our downfall, because in doing so, we have lowered ourselves to a lower vibration. One that can only create from that same lower level, providing us with less than what ideally we would like to achieve, however, we don’t see it because we are flat on our backs seeing only what our limited vision can show us.  Meanwhile, there is far more that we are NOT seeing.

“Ask and it is given.”

We have heard  a variation of the above quote in countless different ways.  But do we understand why? Why what we put out there is what we receive back?  And how do we ask for what we want and simply BELIEVE it’s happening?

The answer is simple:

We are magnetic energetic beings.  We attract things to us just as magnets would.  Remember, we are just an evolved version of the smallest cells on the planet.  Understand that thoughts are an energy also. Whatever vibration we revolve in is the “environment”  that will receive other things that revolve at that same vibration. At such and such level of vibration, all things that vibrate at that level are ours for the having.  Resort your mind to low thoughts, deeds, and actions and this is the environment in which you will find yourself, attracting the same low level thoughts, deeds, and actions.  You will essentially “prove” to yourself that low level in which you live, completing the vicious cycle.

When people ask for things, they are vibrating in a creative environment, at a high level.  But what happens is they ask, and then start to doubt. They don’t really believe in abundance. That doubting brings the vibration down and now you are in an environment to NOT attract this which you were asking.  It is important to stay at a high level, or at least at the level of vibration you had when you were creating that which you were asking for. How? Simple. How did you feel when you had the idea in your head and sharing what it is you want?  When you feel less than that, when you are questioning, or using logic to run over a conversation in your head, you are using the mind, rather than using the spirit, the abundance that is. Do high vibrational activities, like yoga, exercising, laughing, dancing, singing, receiving attunements, receiving reiki, etc.  Resolve to stay in the spirit, and in faith, rather than in the mind and in fear.

The interesting thing is how many times people say, "But I didn't ask for this".  True, not verbally, but every second, and with every breath you are more intently creating your world around you.  How?  by not even thinking about it....not consciously anyway.  Subconscious mind is always listening, creating, and acting, using it's imagination and playing off of these products.  It's these subconscious ideas that are running REPEATEDLY in the brain, and most of the time....you aren't even aware of them!  One thing that helps to be made aware of what your subconscious mind is imagining off of is to listen to yourself speak.  Be the observer and watch yourself through the day, as if you are a by-stander watching you.  What do you perceive about this person?  What are you saying to and about yourself and about your world?  How do you come across?  THESE are the things that are creating your world more readily because they are said again and again in the mind...it's what you're acting off of.  The few times you consciously verbally ASK for something doesn't even compare to the number of times your subconscious mind is running its program. Here are 15 questions to get you started.

 What surprised you about what you heard yourself say?  Leave your answer in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you.


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