3 Simple Ways To Feel Better Digestive Health by Tonight!

3 Simple Ways To Feel Better Digestive Health by Tonight!

Probiotics balance out the good bacteria with the bad bacteria. It is estimated that we contain seven pounds of bacteria in the body, between “good” and “bad”. Not only do probiotics balance the good to the bad, but the good bacteria actually help convert our nutrients for use in the body. And the only way your body grows, heals, and works is through the nutrients taken in.
Take probiotics to promote the effectiveness of "friendly" bacteria in the intestinal tract. Find one that has many strains of varying bacteria. Lactobacillus is a common one that is tolerated by most people. If you are particularly sensitive to dairy and polysaccharides, choose acidophilus only. While Bifidobacterium is a powerful strain that we went to get into the large intestine, it sometimes is not tolerated by very sensitive intestines. In this case, it is often wise to use a milder probiotic like lactobacillus or acidophilus until the intestines are stronger.
Prebiotics are the FOOD for the probiotics.  If you are good at eating foods with inulin and other fibers, you are probably getting good prebiotics, but it never hurts to get in more. 

2.  Digestive Enzymes
Use digestive enzymes beginning of every meal for basic food digestion, which helps to break down your nutrients better. For reactions to food intolerances, take enzymes not only before each meal, but in between meals on an empty stomach. This helps to break down foreign food molecules that are already floating in the blood stream causing inflammation. There are many food related ailments that can be improved simply with digestive enzyme therapy. Best of all, when used daily, these enzymes are safe and don't have the dangerous side effects of corticosteroids and other drugs.

3 .Eat more raw fruits and vegetables. These are natural eliminative foods, that when eaten raw contain natural food digesting enzymes. Don’t use canned items, or microwave fruits or vegetables, as anything heated to 115 degrees generally loses all enzymes. Fresh is best, frozen is second, dried or dehydrated next.

A couple extra suggestions:
4. For chronic indigestion, one may find help by using what are called herbal bitters, such as dandelion root, wormwood, chamomile flowers, and gentian root. Bitters activate the bitter-taste receptors on the tongue, which, in turn, stimulate the secretion of digestive juices.

It might also be wise to find a practitioner who can help you identify
foods and food compounds that trigger allergic reactions so you can avoid them.

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