5 Systems Commonly Missed When Dealing With Headaches

5 Systems Commonly Missed When Dealing With Headaches

I woke up this morning about 3 am, which is typically when I'm getting an intuitive download of information.  It activates my brain and keeps me awake, and so I get out my journal to document my thoughts.  Today you are privy to something that seems to be such a common occurrence amongst us...headaches.

  I've come to be okay with these being my "work hours".  This morning, my "work hours" had me organizing the files in my mind with explanations of headaches and the difficulty that so many in the world today are headache sufferers.  

Headaches are one of those maladies that can cause major disruptions in the day and how a person behaves, and ultimately the results of their life.   They seem difficult to relieve because there are so many types of headaches.   For those that have never had a migraine, or even a headache at all, like my middle son, consider yourself lucky!

I recently watched an interesting and unexpected video on ear wax and how it can tell a lot about the state of your health.  (Yes, there are people that examine ear wax and learn about the body in such a way.)

I feel the same about headaches.  I believe headaches can tell us a lot about the physical body because of how structurally involved it is, including the skeletal, the musculature, and the nervous systems, basically setting up the foundational framework for our body's structure.  But also because of how this structural alignment also takes a turn in directing to some extent the inner operations.  Likewise, the inner operations can largely affect the structural, the musculature, and the nervous systems.  So there becomes a need to consider all systems of functioning for balance and for functional wellness.  Even though it is the above three systems that are typically and initially looked at, those are not the systems I am going to mention in consideration today.   Also, take note, I am not talking about headaches that come from injury, obviously that is an acute medical need and one should seek appropriate medical attention.   No, I was merely contemplating the presence of chronic or pattern headaches and what they could possibly be telling us. 

Over the years, and due to my own digestive experiences, I have inadvertently been endowed with a specialized understanding of digestive wellness, as such, and seemingly not related at all, has brought along with it a unique understanding of headaches, as misregulations of nutrients and improper dieting combined with toxic intake, imbalanced toxin removal systems, a misunderstanding of food intolerances that are inevitably a part of the digestive disturbance can be the very same factors that are having a major impact on the expression of headaches. 

There is quite a bit of information out there DEFINING the variety of headaches, but little on potential causes, and certainly very little on what to do, much less what to do to bring functional balance back to the systems involved.  (As you may understand having worked with me by now, a great calling of my purpose involves the study of all function and purpose; biology and anatomy of all life, the function and purpose of all parts, organisms, and systems;  in the spirit and in the body and in the universe as a whole.    In all my study, identifying the natural intended function and the restoration of such function is necessary, in my belief.  It is evidence of the idea of "micro to macro".  In the attempt to feel connected with all that is, to live a life that is connected, restoring functional order and finding where things get off track seems to be a theme through every work that I do. )

So in my early morning work hours this morning, the sun dawns upon the thoughts of headaches including the concept pathology of which they are following and the physical expression of them. 

I have studied headaches for quite some years, and as I mentioned there is quite a bit out there defining headaches, one area that was glaringly obvious to me is there is little to say about menstrual headaches, or what I call "Moon Cycle Migraines", yet there are many women experiencing them.  However, through my years and study, I have found some simple nutrient toxicities and deficiencies that play a major role to be very consistent.   Also consistent has been similar food intake, and how the body handles its metabolism. 

Obviously, when considering headaches there is much to understand about:

1.  How foods and the breakdown of these foods correlate to the potential expression of a headache.

2.   And there is much to understand about these foods, how the stress of inaccurate eating puts stress on the function of the organs,

3.  The blood sugar, and sugar handling, insulin, the drops of blood sugar and how that affects the nervous systems, resulting in headaches

4.  The adrenals, which in turn then produce stress hormones in the attempt to protect the body and right the imbalance. 

5.  There is also much to incorporate considering  the liver and fat handling and  the body's own adaptations to excess fat storage that in turn produces it's own additional "hormone factories".  

Thank you, early morning "work hours", I am reminded, yet again, that no healing can truly happen until the restoration of balance and function is restored, in all systems of the body.

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