5 Things to do RIGHT NOW to Find Your Purpose

5 Things to do RIGHT NOW to Find Your Purpose

I don't know my purpose!  If only I knew what that was!  If only I knew what that was!


How many exclamations do I hear about wishing one knew their purpose.  "If only" becomes the mantra and the excuse to never figure it out.

We know we WANT a purpose.  We know we HAVE a purpose, but we don't know what it is!  

The worst part is we've attached to EXCUSES on why we haven't worked to discover it yet.  You have permission today to detach from excuses and see only possibilities.  I give you permission to get to know who you are right now and not put it off any longer.  You have a great purpose for being here.  What are you keeping THE REST OF THE WORLD from by denying finding it?

1. Don't stress if you "can't find it".  IT will find YOU, once you are open and available to the possibility.  

2.  Increase your availability factor for life to work THROUGH you.  

3.  Take up on opportunities.  Stop finding reasons to say no.  You have no idea who you will meet, or when you will have the next idea.  But it doesn't come by staying in your comfort zone. 

4.  Don't see the reasons why it CAN"T work.  This is a surefire way to put a stopper on creation.

5.  Determine to only see why it CAN.  (Even if you choose not to do it, it's a good way to see the lining in EVERY cloud)

One of the big reasons for this is that societal/cultural expectations have done a great job of having a greater purpose for us than our own soul.  And we've believed it.  

Now, more and more people are waking up to wanting to know what exactly that purpose is.  Perhaps discontent with maintaining status quo, or because they know they are worth more, many people are leaving mainstream education and jobs in search of what it is that they truly LOVE and learn to discover their own Greatness Within!

Today's post comes with it a questionnaire meant to be the focus of multiple meditation and brainstorming sessions.  Open here and get started.

Other lessons that will get you started:

Creating my Human Experience Starter Kit


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