6 Things to Do Right Now If Everything Seems To Be "Going Wrong"

6 Things to Do Right Now If Everything Seems To Be "Going Wrong"

what to do when things go wrong

I had a client we'll call Mary, who was trying to hard to understand where she had "gone wrong" and why things didn't seem to be working out for her and why life just seemed such a struggle so continuously.  Haven't we all been there?!

1. I challenged Mary to use her environment as a  way to identify concepts that were self-limiting and could help solve the problem.  I started by asking her to look around her life and write down all the things she wanted changed; all the things she believed would make it better.   She had a laundry list!  She wanted to be thorough, after all.   

What was interesting to note about Mary, though, was that, in trying to decipher and analyze exactly what was the problem and where she had "gone wrong", she was not consciously aware that she was repeating this laundry list over and over!  Not only to those that could help, but to anyone who would listen, and also inside her own mind repeatedly.  

2. Mary needed a new image to "play on repeat", so we had her create one that included all the details of a life she wanted to live.  This, she repeated daily.  She would tell others what she was working on, using only the details of this list.  She would live as if this life were already happening so that her cells could get primed and ready for when it actually did.  When something "went wrong", we taught Mary to breathe and recognize that though she may not understand, yet, what she thought was going wrong was just the way life works things out and we remembered many ways that she thought things "went wrong" and saw how they actually worked out in the end.  

3. The big focus was that we gave her a new "program" to direct her cells with so that her brain could create new connections.  By acting as if, her neurons continued to make new synapses, like what happens when you learn something new.  

4. We got the body engaged too.  I asked Mary to picture and feel what her body would feel like, how she would feel, what kinds of foods would support this new programming, etc.  Since she felt more strong and confident in her new image, she felt more strong and confident in why she would choose foods  that supported her new decisions.  Everything that the cells take in goes to the functioning of the body...and it can either use your new or your old program as the script..it's up to you!  Pretty soon, the body starts acting in the way that the mind is thinking and you can begin to feel you becoming your new image.  FEEL how this feels and do this feeling memory regularly.

5. With Mary, we just got her very focused on her new image and her new programming.  In others, it is useful to identify WHY you developed the laundry list in the first place.  In this case, we would look at each thing you wanted changed and look at WHY you wanted it changed and WHAT you believe caused it in the first place.  This exercise explains it more fully with the exact process.  WHAT CONCEPTS (beliefs) were lurking in the brain that kept playing an old message.  Were there concepts that say you are not useful?  That you do not deserve to be happy?  That your genes were the cause of it all?  It is wise to recognize these limiting thought processes so you can recognize them (like a red flag) when they come through your brain so that you can get them right back out of there!  This exercise can help you to dive in to see what limiting ideas your subconscious mind might be creating for you. 

6. If you are like Mary, you might want to try picturing a new life and develop a new life for yourself.  If you want to see what that "Greatness Within" is, you might like our new course:  "Blueprint For Your Success".  Check it out here.

If you want to learn how to Scan Your Environment to Look For Clues, find that here.

Always keep in mind that the two things that cells are constantly processing are the messages coming from your food and the messages coming from your thoughts/feelings.  Keep them healthy.  Make sure you are thinking well.  Make sure you are nourishing your cells in a way that's designed for support.   DrFoodie is all about "personal health solutions for the way you THINK and EAT" because they are imperative to the cell's health (the operating program, the dictator for the body's expression of health or illness).  We have programs for all of that!  Keep learning!


Happy Success-ing!



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