8 Ways Happiness Happens

Sometimes we get so bogged down with the to do's in life that we forget to have enjoyment while we do them! And that's what life is all about! How come we're spending so much time on things that don't bring joy? Because we feel we have to? Well even if you feel like you have to, here are some tips to challenge yourself with to really learn how to let the happy happen in your life.

Number 1

It's not all about you but it's all about you. Meaning, life is not all about you and what you want and getting your way. Sure we already know this however we get upset when expectations don't meet up don't we? It's all about you because you are part of oneness. What you do for others is what you do for yourself. Spend some time today realizing that we are all connected, that how you treat a situation, a person and the things you think about are exactly what's going to come and be embedded back into your own life.

Number 2

Gratitude is everything! That means that we understand and have faith that everything is in our life for a reason whether we label it good or bad we can learn gratitude knowing this truth. Practice attitude today that everything good or bad is working out in your favor and the highest good of all. You dont have to understand whats happening just trust its there fir s reason.

Number 3

Find an animal to love. Because they don't have expectations! They are going to accept you just as you are. Don't want to have a pet? Go visit at an animal shelter or volunteer to walk your neighbor's dog or babysit a pet. Spending some time giving devoted attention to something that needs our love is extremely gratifying and reminds you that you are needed, useful and necessary.

Number 4

Make play out of everything you do. Yes there are things we have to to do but that attitude with which we do them is what's going to bring you joy. With all of the activities that you have to do have fun with them you have to do them anyway how do you do them is up to you.

Number 5

Create a yes jar. Picture the end of your life on your deathbed all of the experiences that you want to look back on. Don't waste time not doing these things. If there are things you want to experience in this life don't wait until... Until you have enough money, until you have enough time, until you have someone to do it with. Write all of the things that you want to do and things that bring you joy and put them as slips into a little jar. Pick one anytime you are feeling like you need play in your life.

Number 6

Try to spend the day not having opinions about anything. Opinions are simply judgments concepts and expectations. When we have them and let our life be run by them we are constantly comparing to something we don't have. If you move through the day without expectations and be free and open to learn from what comes your way you'll be less stressed about what you didn't have.

Number 7

Live with less.

Remember how good it feels to give something away? sometime s with all the gift giving of the holidays we forget how good it feels to give someone something because we're stressed about the perception of finances. However if you go through your house and get rid of all of the things that are occupying space and energy that you no longer need or use and bless somebody else with them you're going to feel lighter and you're going to remember the joy of giving.

Number 8

Don't forget about random acts of kindness! Sometimes just the act of doing something nice for somebody else for no reason at all will give you an uplift. Too often we get so consumed by what we need to do in our day that we forget that other people exist too. The best way to get out of your own depression and your own mind stuff is to get out of your own way and think about somebody else

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