A Story to Illustrate My Theory of Healing

A Story to Illustrate My Theory of Healing

Healing Theory - A Story Illustration

(Adapted and condensed from the Akashic Records. You can find the full version in James Green's book, "The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook")

Twas a balmy summer afternoon. Chiron sat waiting in the cool shade of his summer cave.

The Centaur observed with deep affection the students who were entering the cave and sitting in a circle with him, his grand heart touched by their individual beauty and eager vitality.

Chiron was a renowned health seer, archer, musician,, and visionary. It is said that he was the wisest and kindest of all Centaurs. He was learned and skilled in the use of herbs, potions, gentle words, and healing song. Over the years of his life, innumerable youths had been entrusted to his charge, amongst them some of the finest healers and warriors of the Western story.

Chiron had summoned the students and their friends to speak with them about the function of medicine and the art of health. The wise Centaur knew well that words don't teach, that it is only life experiences that teach, but he knew that words stimulate ideas in the minds of others, and therein he was aware of the great influence words possess.

Chiron then closed his eyes and a tranquil silence filled the air. Looking into the eyes of each student he spoke.

"Thank you for the honor of this gathering. I am most pleased that you are here with me.

The Nature of Medicine

"As health seers and self-healers (read: healers of the Self), we focus our attention on the nature of joy, health, and well-being and frequently in our discussions with one another the question arises 'What is the nature of medicine? What is its action in the process of individuals experiencing their intrinsic health or re-establishing wellness from an experience of illness?' If I may share my experience and insights I'll offer you a perspective to consider.

Each of us is an absolutely free spirit, currently choosing to walk the physical spheres of creation, eagerly participating in this realm with a physical body, mind, and feelings. We are creators; this is our essence. Desire is the will of our spirit to create. With our mind we freely create thoughts, the vibrations of which are propelled into the universe, bolstered by the passion of our desire and attendant feelings. From this point of offering, we attract to us the experiences born of the content of our vision.

Each individual is complete and independent in his and her ability to create. If, however, due to circumstances in one's life, an individual holds inner resistance to the manifestation of a desire and feels the need for assistance to allow the experience of that which he or she strongly desires, 'medicine', is a catalyst that can be empowered to help. With the power invested by the individual's belief in it, medicine in turn, bolsters the individual's belief that he or she can have what is

wanted, reducing inner resistance, allowing and accelerating the materialization of this desire.

It is important to note, that the use of medicine is appropriate not only to help alleviate pain or prevent disease, but also when one feels it necessary to use an ally to assist in creating whatever is desired. Therefore, plants, prayer, foods, chants, minerals, the company or touch of another being, potions, ritual, music, incantations, charms, amulets, icons and all other manifestations a person strongly believes in can be utilized as good and powerful medicine.

Yet, ever bear in mind that 'medicine' is simply a tool, a means to facilitate the clearing of a pathway in a person's life journey to whatever experience he or she wants. Medicine is not the creator of one's life experience; it is not the walker on the path nor is it the healer. The human being is the walker; the human being is the creator, the self-healer.

I have found it most important to understand that during those times in one's life when illness is experienced, medicine does not "fix" a person, simply because he or she is not broken. Human beings do not weaken, nor are they fragmented by their life experiences. One is never less than a perfectly whole being, regardless of the extent of his or her experience of dis-ease. Freedom, joy, radiant health, youthful vitality, passionate enthusiasm, abundant prosperity, creativity, and growth are ever accessible core components of each individual's whole self. These components, even when resisted are never forfeited by one's temporary experience of the lack of any of them. They are perpetual qualities of one's ever perfect spirit, one's true self.

In the ever-changing nature of the physical universe, each and every experience is always temporary and changing, while our nonphysical spirit, our inner being, the creator, is eternal and forever ongoing. In light of this, one must keep in mind that venturing into choices that manifest an experience of dis-ease is not a process of breaking or diminishing or devaluation. Illness, like any and all other experiences is merely a signpost, an illustration, an intimate teacher a passing experience indicting to us precisely how, from our current beliefs and mental attitude, our choices are flowing our creative energy relative to the broader intention of our inner beings true nature. We are in the process of gaining knowledge and wisdom about ourselves.

The Experience of Disease

Experiencing disease is how each of us expands and evolves our valuable and indispensable being.

Health and disease are the consolidation of one's current mental attitude. Illness-not feeling good - is a powerful indicator that we are holding inner resistance to following our inherent path of joy. We are diverting our vision from focusing on our bliss, there in disallowing the vital free flow of our Source energy throughout our being. We are holding to thoughts, beliefs and actions that are contrary to our individual true nature - and they do not feel good to us, but we fail to acknowledge the truth of their inner signals and so, for the time being, manifest like experiences of discontent and dis-ease.

Once we determine that a manifestation we've attracted does not or no longer feels good, we can use this life experience as a platform on which to stand, providing us with a fresh perspective to determine and envision what we now want instead, and thereby focus the magnetic vibrations of our creative thought on that fresh vision and intent.

Once an individual who is experiencing illness makes a clear impassioned decision that she wants to feel good again, she has set the revival of her experience of health in motion. If she does not resist that experience, but rather focuses on those things and ideas that feel good to her spirit, envisioning her health, feeling her health, easing inner resistance, allowing the flow of ideas that ignite feelings of joy in her life, the return of her innate health is hers. If she feels she needs an ally to help her find the state of mind that allows this transformation, whatever or whoever she believes will do this is good 'medicine' for her.

This is the nature of medicine; it is an ally. It matters not which medicine-path one chooses. All medicines are powerful when empowered by an individual's belief in them, coupled with one's focused desire to be well, or to have whatever else is wanted.

His beloved student, Artemis indicated that she would like to speak. "So often I have discussed with Chiron and other health seers what we feel are the very foundations of health, the understanding of which can render any illness of mind and body both preventable and curable. I have found two simple principles. The first is to follow the guidance of your inner spirit always. I have seen consistently that when one's spirit and one's mindful personality are in harmony with each other, life force flows with ease, and life experiences consist primarily of joy, prosperity and health. Chronic pain and disease are extensions of bad or painful feelings that one has endured or attempted to ignore and disregard over a period of time. Disease is initiated by any prolonged resistance or conflict between the specific choices of one's ind and the knowing of one's inner spirit. The second is to hold sacrosanct in one's heart and mind the freedom and importance of all others to follow their chosen paths. Venerate as you do your own, the wisdom and true guidance of another's inner being; honor their path.

Life asks only of us that we travel our individual journey with joy in our heart while allowing all others to do the same, appreciating their individuality, therein blessing all those around us. This is the art of health."

On Symptoms and Diagnosis

One student responded with a question of puzzlement and asked, "I understand and appreciate your perception of the nature of health and illness, but what about the symptoms of disease, shouldn't we clearly identify these and work to understand their cause? Wouldn't an in-depth diagnosis help someone attend to the discomfort of the symptoms?"

Chiron said among other things, "If the manifestations you are presently experiencing are not exactly what you want, let this insight stimulate you to examine more closely what you have been thinking, discussing, believing, remembering, assuming, or expecting that is attracting these phenomena into your experience. The laws that support the functioning of the universe are cardinal to existence. The Law of Attraction is paramount. So, it is wise to focus your mental energy consciously on what you want, rather than including that which you don't want. Therefore, prolonged diagnosis of disease - dwelling on the etiology of what you do not want - and attempting to discern the cause of these symptoms merely includes them strongly in your signal and this is the vibration you will continue to energize.

Instead, I strongly suggest you use the opportunity to focus on your health; focus predominantly on what feels good to you. See your health; envision what you want. Feel these feelings; dwell on them instead and project these signals to the universe."

The Use of Medicines in Healing

Another student asked, "How is medicine best used by an individual? What counsel have you to give one who is seeking a medicine for healing?"

Chiron replied, "When you use a 'medicine' to assist you in a creation, your perspective while using it is of paramount importance, for it is the perspective with which you take a medicine that formulates your vibrational offering. Decide clearly what you want to attract. Let the medicine assist you in allowing yourself to have that which you desire. Employ the help of your medicine to accent your intention to experience health and well-being. Use it with the conscious intent to feel good, to manifest vitality, to attract prosperity or whatever else you seek.

Do not mis-create by using your medicine with the idea of 'getting rid of' what you don't want or to 'fix' something that is'broken' or to attack disease. By focusing attention on symptoms or on past 'causes' one is not moving away from the unwanted experience but instead is lingering in the thoughts, statistics, visual images and feelings of "their" dis-ease, prolonging the experience that is not wanted."

How a Doctor Helps

Another student asked to expand on the ability of the physician to heal another. To which he replied, "A skillful practitioner can soothe and mend another person's physical malaise and make them more comfortable, but physicians do not'heal' others. One can only heal oneself. When I use the term to heal, I mean reconnecting to one's Source energy by one's removal of inner resistance to the flow of life force so that harmony between one's head and spirit is reestablished and the experience of one's intrinsic well'being is revived. A wise practitioner views illness not as an affliction but instead as an explicit teacher in one's life. To assist another's healing, physicians, practitioners, and healers should consider using their thoughts more to visualize, less to analyze, seeing their client's innate health and well-being, not using their time so much to scrutinize the symptoms of health.

A compassionate herbalist's or physician's finest service is to focus on their client's innate health, radiate an uplifting attitude and assist the client to make heartfelt sense of their experience of illness."

It is with this illustration I make my ministry of education in health and wellbeing. It is with this visual that I create programs, articles and books, and host consultations to help you return to the state of innate beingness that ultimately creates true health and happiness. Please contact us to get assistance on your journey, watch for our continued contribution of our programs and exercises to help you be your successful best self, and read our blog to keep educating yourself.

*Be advised this illustration is not suggesting that one does not initiate support by seeking medical care when needed. It is merely a representation of ideals and my own personal belief and of what assistance I can be.

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