Answering the Call

"Within you are the seeds of greatness. There is something that you have to offer the world, something special, something marvelous, something that can change someone's life for the better - perhaps many lives. Are you willing to plant these golden seeds? Are you willing to take a chance on having your life work now? Are you willing to be the magnificent radiant being that you already are, the shining light that God knows you to be, from the moment you were conceived?" - Alan Cohen

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do? How often do we go about the day, and through life and when looking back, we wonder if we ever made our own choices or if we just went with the flow of where we were headed? Have you ever stopped to think about it?

Not making a choice is the same thing as making a choice, and day by day we do it without realizing it. We are so programmed into our day to day, into our concepts and beliefs of how things SHOULD be that we fail to see how they actually ARE. Or more importantly, how we WANT them to be. Often times, we say we don't have the answers and so we procrastinate making a new choice. There is a difference between waiting for divine timing, and procrastinating a choice. Going with the flow of life without making a real stand in it is not following destiny, believe it or not. There IS a choice in deciding what you want for your life and then allowing it to happen, with faith that it WILL in due time, with Divine order and insight.

I'm talking about the choices to create a life of your choosing, and a large part of that is how you choose to live, and consequently, what you end up giving out because of it. When you do what you are divinely intended, you automatically give out to the rest of the world. Did you know that just being connected to the truth within you does that? LOVING well and being in a soul connected union with someone does that, and the rest of the world can feel the good emanating from the pair of you. LIVING in a way that is uniquely oriented to your divine calling does that, and the rest of the world is bettered by it.

Did you ever realize that answering the call within, learned who and what that Greatness is, is not selfish, but to the contrary, it is the only way you really CAN serve God, The Divine, Oneness, the world, and individuals?
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