Are You A Slave to Your Diet For The Wrong Reasons?

Are You A Slave to Your Diet For The Wrong Reasons?

The Psychology of Food

Hidden inside every action is a psychology of which we are mostly unaware. The fact is that everything happens for a reason. We make decisions for a reason even if we are unaware of the reason at the time. This is where getting down to the concept, or idea, that is operating within the psyche ultimately directing us when we make decisions becomes important to understand. The unspoken truth about our actions in life is that everything is done based on our experiences. Those experiences formed concepts (otherwise known as thoughts, ideas, or beliefs) in our minds that build upon each other to form understandings from our own perception. It does not make these understandings true or correct; it simply solidifies our own truth within our own minds. It looks like evident truth to us because we believe our truth to be true, and if something is true, it has to be true across the board, in all situations. So our truth gets mirrored back to us in our daily lives: We see something and it goes with our concepts or beliefs and it is good. We see something and it goes against our own understanding and it is bad. We fail to remember that this process is happening for each and every person. Knowing this fact, how can anything be ultimately good or bad, right or wrong? It can't. It is only based on perception. Yours is no more true, correct, or valid than another persons; our egos would just like us to think so. Awareness is key if we truly want to grow, expand, learn, and have joy in our lives. If we remain stuck inside of our concepts, we place ourselves in boxes, cutting us off from the rest of the world. Now instead of a oneness, a comaraderie, an expansion, we are segregated, judgemental and judged.

Now relate this to food, and you may find the reasons, the real reasons, that you eat the way you do.  If you really take a minute to design and get clear on your own goals, then look at how you eat and see if your actions and choices are going to help you reach your goals, you may discover that you have been eating more with the thoughts of other people in your mind.  There is no good, bad, right or wrong.  It is only what is right and working for YOU.  So get your idea FIRST of what it is you are eating for.  What results do you want to happen.  It is easier to make every food decision from there on out, because there is an end result attached to it.  

For more information on the psychology of food, watch for our new book, "It's Only Food", due out in early spring.

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