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Artistically Alive Free Soul

There are people that spend their whole lives searching for something, that lost something missing, the spark that has diminished to embers that they know is still there but doesn't quite burn bright enough for them to see it. I know what my purpose is. I know what my soul's purpose is and I know what my life's purpose is. I'm lucky. You can say that. However you also don't know the feats and trials I endured to get to the place of complete awareness, blissful clarity and utter gratitude and love.

I know it's my purpose to learn, grow, create and enlighten others by being a joyful and powerful example of God's greatness and abundance, to live that greatness in myself and to help others find that greatness within them. It is to help others find their truth, their greatness within the spark that makes them unique. it is the spark that the divine has planted within you since conception.

Alan Cohen describes it best: "It may be said that there are 2 types of people in the world those who are willing to live for their dream and those who have forgotten how to believe in themselves.Those who live for their dream are the creators the initiators the artistically alive free souls, the women and men who stand out in a crowd and brighten the lives of those they touch in the simple interactions of daily living. They are the people around with whom we feel energized, nourished, healed, important and optimistic they make us feel that we are capable, worthy and lovable for they feel that wonderful Way about themselves. They radiate beauty because they find good in everyone they touch. They are the persons who move the world along lifting normality out of inertia and into action. They are the shining ones who have heard and responded to the innercall, standing for all that destiny would have them glorify." Over the years as a natural Health practitioner author and speaker I've gotten the opportunity to meet and talk with many hundreds of people sharing in their triumphs, crying with them in their grief, And learning the beauty of each individual person. And I was convinced that what I knew from the start of my life is that there is an innate goodness in each person. And we get lost and I love helping people find their Way finding that greatness within themselves.

I am a naturalist mama. I use food as our medicine and the Earth for our healing it's plants, its energy provide immensely. I cook in a way that nourishes our bodies. I try to live from my heart and live in a way that is respectful and honoring to all the life around me. That's just me. That's not a judgment if you don't. I do me.

I entrepreneur and work from Home I also help my Husband's business, I Home school my kids and another from the family of a Friend. I write personal growth and natiral health books. I do speaking events. I sing and I help wherever I can see it. Which is everywhere. Which is why I love this passage from Alan Cohen's book "The healing of the planet Earth" because it reminds me that if we all individually would be the greatness within ourselves we might shine with a light bright enough to help light someone else's way. What greater blessing is that? Even if we may never even know! But someone else will.  


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