Bringing Back the Spark of LIfe Through Affirmations and the FOUR Constructive Energies Guaranteed to Do So.

Bringing Back the Spark of LIfe Through Affirmations and the FOUR Constructive Energies Guaranteed to Do So.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

How wise was Henry Ford?  And the wisdom of these words hasn't changed, if anything it has only become more imperative.  If you've never read the book by Shad Helmstetter, "What to Say When You Talk to Yourself", it's a great place to start.

I recently read a quote that the majority of women spend 80% of their day berating themselves with negative self talk.  It's easy to determine if you are one of the 80%, simply pay attention to what you are saying to yourself all day and make note of the message behind what you are constantly telling yourself.  Would you say these words to anyone else?  If you find you can't pay attention to yourself, try carrying a note book around and set a timer.  Every time the timer goes off, write down what you have been thinking about and saying to yourself.  You can evaluate whether the words you've been using are positive or harmful.  

What's important to remember is that the thoughts, views, beliefs, actions and words you speak create your tomorrow.  You are speaking out a literal hologram of your personality into the world and designing what your world will look like.   Sometimes you need to just bring back the spark to life and need a gentle push to remind you.  There are 4 constructive energies that do this. 

If you've never written or spoken affirmations before, try Love Letters.  Choose one affirmation each day to contemplate and focus on throughout the day.  At the end of the day, spend a few minutes journaling how this affirmation manifested throughout your day. 

I was woken with the peaceful chant "I am peace, and love, and all there is".  Whether it was me saying it to myself, or Godspeak telling me who He is, it doesn't really matter, both are true.  I spent a good hour absorbed in this chant and picking it out on my guitar in the peace of the morning before the sun had even risen.  And now the chant is still playing in my head in a soothing melody. 

I think it's very valid to allow this to play on perpetual play again and again throughout the day to remind myself of the most important things. 

Be careful how you talk to yourself, you are creating what you are choosing to experience.  Acccessing the lesson "Creating my Human Experience" might be a good place for you to start this morning.    If you've never identified your limiting beliefs, download "Beginning Concepting".  

It has been said that "reading and writing, have been the best forms of meditation ever invented.  Not only do we get to meditate with our own minds, but when we read the writing of the greatest minds, we are also meditating with theirs."  Kurt Vonnegut

Journaling can be a simple easy and very effective of recording your thoughts, and meditating on your affirmations.  Be the author of your own successes. 

There's some FOOD for thought for your day!  No go create it!

In Peace and love and all that is...


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