Can't Sleep? Watch out! Why Lack of Sleep is an Enemy of Abundance

I know all about you. Know just your type. Type A, Yellow, Fire, whatever else all the personality tests have shown you to be. You burn the candle at both ends. I know because I am entertaining the notion of NOT burning myself out and actually taking some relaxing time for myself from time to time. There's nothing wrong with being ambitious and driven. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of things you want to experience, but therein lies the key word....experience. Are you running amuck because there truly is so much life out there to be had and you really want to live it(have experiences)? Or is it because your to do list doesn't fit on those darn skinny little pads you buy at the store like who really only has that many to do's to do(I think I have a lot I have to do)? I thought so.

So each day is run to the hilt, each minute dictated, until you fall into bed WELL past a reasonable time to get an ample amount of sleep to recover and do it all again the next day. Doesn't sound like much of a life, and we already know this can't continue. But there is another well-purchased reason that I'm betting you've never considered....


This means that ANYTIME you are in a state of lack over ANYTHING, the image that is manifested as a whole in your life is lack! If you have a lack of sleep, you know it, you tell yourself you're tired, you tell others you're tired, you act tired and operate out of being tired, you are continuously and unconsciously telling the universe about the lack you live in, which tells all the Divine forces to bring more of it on, as we all know you get what you ask for!

Besides the awareness you are advertising that you are, in fact, tired, your body operates out of a state of lack. Your heart works harder, you have to breathe harder, it takes more brain power to think straight and clearly, your muscles are tired which weigh on your bones and joints and your whole structural system slouches. If the structural system slouches, you cannot have internal tone and perfect functioning of the internal organs. In other words, EVERYTHING gets sluggish! Do you know depression and constipation are also residuals to lack of sleep?

Finally, if you are tired, you look less happy which attracts less positive people and energy into your life. Mostly likely, I'm guessing, you are lazier in your dress, don't take the time to do all the personal touches you would if you feel amazing and thus you end up carrying yourself a little differently, and tiredness can come across as lack of confidence, low self esteem, dis-interest, depression, or anger. All of these things, you guessed it, are on the negative spectrum, and that's right, you get more of the same. I don't know about you but I don't want to live with lack at all! I certainly don't need to be attracting negative energy or more problems to encounter.

HOWEVER, adequate sleep leaves a body feeling, duh, more energetic. You can rise earlier in the morning, which not only is better for the body's innate clock, but allows you to do more of what you REALLY want to accomplish, before the rest of the world is demanding your time and energy. You can have time to get a workout or some meditation time, and have ample time to eat a complete breakfast, and plan out the rest of your day.

Physically, rising earlier leaves your face less puffy, your eyes brighter and whiter and clearer, and better health all around (you'll remember from grade school health that the body heals during sleep, right?) The body has an internal clock where each organ has a time frame in which it repairs itself. Many of these happen well before midnight, so if you're burning the midnight oil, you are losing much needed time for some very important organs to repair and refresh. Chances are, if you are up later, you are snacking and most likely, not on things that are the healthiest. Then you are going to sleep with those extra calories to burn when you're supposed to be sleeping so sleep is not as restful. Plus, you have cut down on the amount of time your body has to fast, which is it's only time to break from the rigors of digesting all the food you consume during the day.

If you are rested when you rise, you are typically more productive, smile more, and feel lighter. You feel you have more time in the day (because, surprise, you do). You will carry yourself more confidently because you have taken the time for yourself and your body feels better. All of this attracts the great Divine powers that be and brings you more of the same. MORE ENERGY, MORE VIBRANCY, MORE POSITIVE PEOPLE AND SITUATIONS, MORE ABUNDANCE because you are in a clearer frame of mind, a higher vibrational level, and this energy shows. People want to be around it. I know of no better way to attract the right relationship, the right finances, the right business customers than this. Think of all you can do for the world with this type of attraction!

Get on your own side, get some comfy pillows and one of those huge downy comforters if that's your thing, and catch some quality Z's! Let me know all the changes in abundance this provides for you!
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