Daily Exercises for a Strong Brain and a Great Life

Daily Exercises for a Strong Brain and a Great Life

OF COURSE, we know daily movement is what it takes to keep our physical bodies working, moving and being flexible.  

It takes daily action to eat healthy.

It takes daily attentiveness to have healthy relationships.

Did you know it takes daily commitment to your SELF to have a happy healthy life?  We usually just bust through life doing what we must, TRYING to eek out a little "me" time.  This is incredibly important in this every changing world, especially for parents pulling multi duties and running with kids with commitments everywhere!

Here are a few things to do daily to keep your mind and thoughts operating towards the life you want, rather than just floating by, trying to keep your head above water!

Here is a quick checklist on how to create the life you want EVERY DAY rather than wait for the "someday" when you might have the time to really work on what you desire.  

Access and download the lessons by following their links if you want further study.


1.  GRATITUDE!  It all starts and ends with gratitude, so we might as well start and end our day with it!

2.  A continuous timeline.  As memories pop up and stressful situations through our daily lives pop up, we can ask ourselves "When was another time I felt like this?"  Identifying a theme can help you get at a deep core concept that is preventing powerful positive manifestations from happening in your life.  Add new events and memories as they pop up and see themes develop.  Rewrite the Script, if necessary.  

3.  Affirmations list.  As you are developing powerful mindsets and concepts that are empowering, write them down so that you can read, write, and say them to yourself every day, all day.  It takes habit!

4.  Journal.  Take a single affirmation idea each day and journal HOW you see it in your life.  When you start looking for it, you will start finding it!

5.  Stop 'em at the gate!  Question new concepts, ideas, thoughts and beliefs, by questioning them before you take them in!  When you are listening to yourself talk, when you are talking to others, don't simply ACCEPT what is being said.  Challenge yourself and see if that is what you really believe.    You don't have to be confrontational, just decide what you want to take into your mind.  You can also be diligent in making sure you are only allowing positive empowering things in in the form of books, music, movies, and the people with whom you associate.  


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