Do The Holidays Bring This Out In YOU?

Do The Holidays Bring This Out In YOU?

The holidays can really bring out the "Good Girl/Good Boy" fraction of personality in each of us.  While we all will have bits of each personality, we will still identify more with one fraction than the others throughout our life.  

The holidays can bring out this personality due to the following of expectations and traditions that are present in each family.  Wanting to be seen as a good, honorable, and beautiful person, the opinions of others can really come out.  We want to be seen as if we are happy and so we present our best selves.

The problem is it is hard to live in the experience and potentially have wonderful experiences because we are living in ego and what we think we out to "be".  

Check out the fractions of personality here, and if you want to find out which one you identify with, take the quiz.  

To find out more about the Good Girl/Good Boy personality, click here.

For some exercises to heal the shadows of the Good Girl/Good Boy personality, check them out here.  The great benefit is once you download, any new updated exercises particularly for you with the Good Girl/Good Boy personality, will automatically be sent to you when the file updates.  

DrFoodie works to help you improve the quality of your life experiences, bringing you freedom through food and finding yourself, because those are 2 avenues we can employ multiple times a day.  Understanding your Conceptual Personality will help you heal and grow in all the ways that will be beneficial for you in particular.  

To find out what the Concept Pathology Fractions of Personality are, add this free article to your cart, where you will then receive the free download.  


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