Don't Be Found Ill at Chipotle!

Don't Be Found Ill at Chipotle!

Gross!  The news is reporting all the time potential outbreaks of E. Coli, Salmonella, and other illness outbreaks at restaurants.  This time it was a Chipotle in Ohio.  Guess it won't be featured on my Foodie Reviews!

But hey folks, the answer is simple!  Make your own Chipotle at home!  It's super simple, healthy, easy, quick, and can be done ahead of time so you can easily grab and go, or even prep them for the work week ahead.    I'll show you how.

 1.  Grab a tortilla, (or a bowl if you don't want to use a tortilla)

2.  Stash it with lettuce, spinach, or mixed greens, or rice

3.  Add beans, onions, peppers

4.  Top with cheese, olives, and chipotle sauce

NOW'S THE TIME TO "HEALTH IT UP"!  Add avocado, quinoa, bean sprouts, lime, parsley, cilantro.  What's your flavor?!

5.  Wrap it up by folding the West and East sides in first, then the South side up, and roll it up and over the North side of the tortilla.  Wrap in foil, plastic wrap, or a healthier option of brown paper.

You can make these up ahead of time, pop them in the fridge, or even freezer to store for a longer time.  They're made in your own home, so the worries and risk of contamination would be your OWN!

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Today's Food For Thought Lesson:

It's all about being aware!  Being aware of what's being put in your food would have changed the outcome of this Chipotle Catastrophe.  But being aware in your general daily life will help you to shape a life you love!  Let's be self-aware of our hidden concepts, actions, and belief systems and make sure they are really working FOR us, rather than against us!  Add today's lesson to your cart here.  

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