February Pinzine

What's a Pinzine?
I'm having a lot of fun with Pinterest lately. I find, however, that I group all of these fun things I see onto my boards and then never really do anything with them. So I decided to put them into a plan of use. You will see boards like "Meal Plan Week1". Now all I, (or you if you choose to make use of it) is draw up the grocery list, go shopping, and voila! You have a week's worth of meals, all of which are healthy, paleo, and sugar free. I was having so much fun with this (I know, I don't get out much) that I went through the rest of my boards, splitting them out for use for all 52 weeks of the year. This formed what I will now call a "pinzine". An online magazine made entirely of pins from pinterest!
What's cool about this is you will find all things relevant to the particular month in question. You'll find inspirational quotes, meal plans, art projects, gift ideas, kids lessons, fashion, etc.
The best part is the meal plans. There are 16 supper meals for example, that's 14 (one for each day for two weeks) plus two extra in case you don't like one of the 14. Now you can buy the groceries for two weeks at a time, if not the whole month, so you can buy in bulk saving you money. Then, each night you make one of the 14, you make double, so that after two weeks, you have used up 14 meals, but you have frozen each meal and can start the rotation again, only they're already made! Saving you time AND money, AND eating in a way that is healthy and meets your goals!
February contains Presidents Day, Groundhog day, Chinese New Year, and Valentine's Day so you will find fun activities for all of those as well.
Go check it out! Pinterest/Amanda Plevell The board is called "52 weeks a year: February"
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