Trust is Flowing Like the River
The hardest part of any business idea, or simply getting up and making change for yourself is to TRUST IN YOUR IDEAS. Your ideas are simply answers to your prayers.
Did you realize that? The ideas that come wafting into our brains are not there by chance. Ideas are put there because they are something you are to be aware of. You can trust them because they came from source and meant only for you. These are exactly the kind of ideas you want to listen to as these ideas, when followed, bring you into a state of FLOW, where abundance, love, truth, peace, and joy lie.
These ideas are the answers to all things that are currently “wrong” with your current situation. Of course, there is no wrong, but there are times when you feel out of flow and times when you feel right in it and things are moving smoothly. There is simply a new direction to get you back into flow.
Don’t worry if you don’t pick up on it right away, it will come back around again. In fact, if you journal your thoughts daily and when you get into the place where you feel out of flow, read back over your journal. You will see the same discussions happening again and again. Themes will start to represent themselves and you can easily see which ideas are useful and valid.
Don’t worry about the details. They will work themselves out as you go. Yes, I know that’s hard to do, and sounds ridiculous. But it’s true. Think about it, the river doesn’t worry about how it’s going to get to the waterfall, it just flows and gets there because it has to. It’s innate. It’s inevitable. It doesn’t know what stones it will pick up on the way or which branches will have fallen into it’s path, if you notice it is STILL NOT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE RIVER to make it to its destination. It simply keeps on flowing and lets the details work themselves out as it goes.
We are like that you know, the only reason we feel so connected and at times frustrated is because we have a mind. Obviously the river doesn’t have that. It trusts the only mind it needs….source energy. IT’s kind of like that movie “Toy Story” you know where all the aliens have a “one mind”. They trust it, but we don’t. Why? Because we want MORE? Different? Better? Usually all. Because that is our ego. Our ego is simply the part of us that represent us out into the world. It contains thoughts, beliefs, judgements, memories, concepts, and emotions. All which are not to be trusted but to be used as tools to help us “get to the waterfall”. The only problem is, we have turned our trust to these things which we believe can “prove” for us our real state of being when in actuality, they are taking us further away.
Get back into your “onemind” by letting go of all expectations and judgements. Pay attention to your emotions only to learn from them. But look inward and trust those ideas that have repeatedly been coming up as the ideas that are meant just for you.
Flow with the river, my friend, flow like the river.

Happy flow living!
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