How to Identify the Threads Running Through Your Experiences

How to Identify the Threads Running Through Your Experiences

  Conceptual Timeline of Events

One of the ways to identify the old concepts that are limiting you is to identify the situation in which they were created.

I often have my clients string together the events that pop up in their memory, and then we see a thread that is pulling it all together.  Sometimes in our life, we see our current situations as singular incidences, not understanding that each situation can often be threaded throughout life to show consistent limiting beliefs.  When we identify the thread, we can get down to the core beliefs that are possibly responsible for limiting our life experiences and altering our possibility of happiness. 

Doing this exercise is not to "dive in and dig up", remarking on all of the ways you were a victim, but with the intention of identifying WHAT BELIEFS about yourself that ARE NOT WORKING.  It is less important to understand WHERE they come from and MORE IMPORTANT to understand what BELIEF YOU CREATED ABOUT YOURSELF.  This way, you can call it out as false, and consciously work to create a new belief through affirmation and aligned thinking. 

On the bottom of a horizontal sheet of paper, draw a line. The left side will be for the oldest dates in history, the right side will be the present. Ask yourself what memories are seeking to emerge. As the memory makes itself clear, write the date below the line and the event above the line, so that you are creating a chronology of events from the time you were the youngest to your present day. These can be ALL events, not just the ones you seek healing from, but any event that was important to your life, good and bad.  They may be birthdays you remember, wedding dates, hard situations or experiences, good situations or experiences.  The important thing is to just allow the memories to bubble up that seek to be acknowledged.  Just ask which memories wish to come forth. Don’t question or judge them, just write them down. After you have written as many as you can think of, look at each one. Next to the event, write down what this situation taught you. What did you learn to believe about yourself and/or life? Identify these as limiting beliefs. Next to THIS, change these limiting beliefs into the NEW concepts you wish to carry. All of these new concepts can be written on ONE sheet of paper so that you can make copies and read them everywhere, everyday.


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