GapTown - Where is That on the Map?

GapTown - Where is That on the Map?

I've been working on something big and I wanted to run it by you guys who have stuck with me during the course of my own evolution as a person and as your Natural Health Practitioner.  I've been doing a lot of work on Anxiety and Overwhelm, Overburden, and fear.  I've talked with a lot of clients that are suffering right now as I've been working on my book and new program "UnBound:  Raw and Real Plans to Kick Anxiety From Your Bucket List".  I'm excited about the work and the impact it can make and am totally willing.  I'm NOT excited that so many people are in this place!

There are lots of reasons you could be struggling with feelings of anxiety.  I know this!

I also know that the biggest reason we’re feeling feelings of anxiety is basically because we are living the experience of the gap between who we are and who we want to be (or thought we’d be, or expected we’d be by now).  What we WANT and what is REALITY is a vast difference. What we THOUGHT marriage would be like and what it is are two different things. The job we have and the purpose we WANT to have feel far between.

There could be a whole city named after this gap because it’s a realm many people live in for a LONG time!

It’s got walls around the borders of the town and we’re scared to take a glimpse of what could be outside, because even though we feel trapped and anxious in GapTown, we’ve achieved some sense of comfort because at least we KNOW what the expectations are here.

The problem is even though we THINK others are keeping us within these borders, it’s our LIMITING CONCEPTS, the negative suggestions and belief patterns that we’ve chosen to attach to that are!  We are imprisoning ourselves!

That’s why I wrote this book, “UnBound:  Raw and Real Plans to Kick Anxiety From Your Bucket List.”  

Because I see every day all of the people that are stuck in GapTown and all the people that I want to give a bus pass outta there!

Well here is your bus pass.  It’s my gift to get you beyond the borders.

I believe in this work so much I’m giving you a free copy.  You agree to pay a nominal shipping and handling and I will agree to deliver work that I’ve accumulated over 14 years of helping people to your door.  

By the way,

  • I talk more about the gap in chapters 1 and 8
  • I explain Limiting Concepts in Chapter 7
  • I talk about the Comfort Box in Chapter 9

I know you ‘ve tried other things, but I know they didn’t work or you wouldn’t be here.  But great news: I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what does work. I’ve got a video explaining it on YouTube.  Go and watch the video now and leave any “aha’s in the comments.

These elements make all the difference between programs to MANAGE Anxiety, and How to HEAL Feelings of Anxiety.

Go HERE to get your free book.   

BONUS:  Once you do,I’m going to send you 5 Tips to do RIGHT NOW to Overcome Your Overwhelming Situation.

P.S.  If you want my personal help walking through your recovery, My DONE WITH YOU program guides you through the entire process in 90 days, where you’ll create everything you need to re-discover yourself and learn to create a life ripe with your own kind of experiences….instead of those dictated by the anxiety you feel. It’s the best program I’ve created so far and it’s open to YOU.  You’ll receive a link after you accept your free book offer.

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